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Opera is crashing very often after 31.0.1889.174 update

  • Have you enabled any flags by chance?

    No, flags are on their default settings.

  • Try disabling hardware acceleration and see if it helps.

  • I also experience this and can't pinpoint what's causing it yet. I have around 14 tabs open, GMail, Whatsapp and mostly forum sites. I don't recall experiencing this before the update. I have HW acceleration turned off since before the update. The crash occurs at random, sometimes 15 min after starting. sometimes it can run for hours before it crash. Sure it autostart right back, but it's annoying to say the least, not to mention losing all I've typed in a forum reply :(. I hope this will gets identified and fixed soon.

  • Just realized something I didn't before.
    Other than the issues getting somehow worse (it's crashing more frequently for some reason, even while the browser is open on start page while i'm playing some other thing in fullscreen it crashes), the main issue seems to be occuring with WhatsApp.
    I was having a conversation with my friend just now on Whatsapp and each message I received from him, crashed opera, it happened after every message.

  • Tryied to edit the reply above, it wouldn't let me<

    After the crashes continue I did try the following:

    Completely uninstalled Opera using IOBit Uninstaller to make sure to remove all registry and temp files.
    Cleaned temp files and registry with CCleaner to REALLY make sure.
    Made a fresh install of Opera, downloading a new installer and not using one I previously had on my PC.
    Ran it without any extensions.

    Crashes are still the same..

  • Have you tried with hardware acceleration disabled?

  • Mine crashes, instantly too... I can't even click anything before it freezes... even after reinstalling.

  • Have you tried with hardware acceleration disabled?

    Yes. I have it disabled right now and the browser just crashed.

  • Yes. I have it disabled right now and the browser just crashed.

    Have you tried with a clean profile?

  • I see that something still occurs in Opera last 31:(
    My Opera doesn't start after uninstalling old JS7 and installed Java 8.60.
    Maybe somebody has also Java update before browser crash (or no start as mine)
    I could not - thanks to big Microsoft - copy or translate automatically message due to M$ lack of ideas how to care about customers software with difficulties, no message numer, no option to change Me$$age to english. So I will try translate this booklet;)
    "Does not possible to run program or function ??\C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\31.0.1889.174\opera.exe or that program or function does not due to incompatibility with 64-bit Windows system version. Contact software supplier to achieve information is there available version compatible with 64-bit Windows systems."

    I would like to found You supporting me in that browser difficulties - as I wrote before, I do not like spyGOOGLE chrome, Opera is my equipment from several years with general satisfaction - keep it together folks.

    PS Previously I wrote polish language, however people doesn't learn Central Europe warrior's language:) it is a pity dear ladies and gentelmen. Hopefully my 1 week English course is enough to cooperate.

  • It does seem that disabling hardware acceleration did solve the random crash issue on most sites, but it's still impossible to use whatsapp web (it'll crash on the same moment I receive a message).
    For most other sites it seems fine now.

  • I have been having the same issue. Whenever I use Whatsapp web for a short period of time, Opera crashes. It hasn't happened with any other website though. I did disable hardware acceleration and it still crashed every time afterwards.

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