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  • So I have been looking around a bit and I have only found this error with a way older version of opera (Opera 22) and for some reason with some Adobe software as well. So I'm wondering if it's really a fault with opera or a fault that will have to be fixed in my operating system (windows 8.1 Pro 64bit).

    Anyway... The problem first occured for the first time a few days ago and I havent been able to open Opera since. Every time I try to open opera I get a message in Windows that says "Can't open user profile directory, because you lack sufficient priveliges. You might want to contact the administrator of this machine."

    Which doesn't help with anything really other than specify that I might be looking at a problem concerning permissions in the needed directories, which again makes no sense since I have always had full admin access to this computer. So the next step I took was simply to try and uninstall Opera in the thought that there may be some corrupt files in the directory in question, after several tries it finally let me uninstall. The thing is when I reinstalled opera 31.0.1889.151 I still get the same message when I try to open it.

    Does anyone have any clue as to how to proceed?

  • Remove it and try a stand alone installation into its own directory. Like C:\Opera or something. That should be a nice workaround for the issue.

  • I'll give it a try, do you have any clue whats causing the issue?

    Edit: I tried it and the problem is still there. For now I'm just using Firefox, but it's very annoying not being able to use Opera as I have done for the last 10-15 years.

    Hopefully someone knows whats going on and I'll be able to do a quick fix for it.

  • Try taking ownership or giving read/write privileges to your user folder.

    Go to:
    Right click on the folder named as your username, click Properties > Security Tab.
    Then user the following guide:

    If that doesn't work, try install opera using right click > Run as Administrator.

  • It looks to me that your problem is indeed more Windows than Opera related. (this)[] might be a good read to understand more about these permissions (only mentioning this to cover all bases so to speak).

    One way could be to open your computer, go to C:\Users and find your home directory in there. Right click and check the properties. Click the security tab and make sure that the account which you're using actually has enough permissions to use this folder.

    If that seems correct then it could be the 'AppData' folder, located in your home directory. Only problem: this folder is hidden by default (system folder). While in your home directory click the address bar on top of the Explorer window, and add \AppData to the end, click enter. Find the 'Properties' option in the "Organize menu" (I assume that's what it's called on the left side) and check the permissions again.

    It has to be an issue with either (or both) of these directories. For more info I suggest you check that MSDN link I posted. As you can probably imagine this is a little beyond the scope of the Opera forums.

  • I agree, which is why I'm contemplating on posting the problem on a more OS related forum. As for the permissions... I did all that ages ago, my account is the only active acount on the PC and I made sure that it has permission to access all the files for that very reason. That said, I will look through Appdata and the user folder to make sure I still have full access.

    Now on to why I actually posted this here, I want to cover my bases and while it may very well be Windows related, I wanted to make sure before posting in a more general forum directed at Win 8 users. The simple fact is they usually don't have as much knowhow regarded to specific software as people on forums like these.

    Anyway... Thanks for the help and I'll try looking through the files again to check them and if I'm still stuck, I'll head over to a Windows forum.