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Tab closing symbol (X) on the left side of the tab? Why?

  • I have a huge UX/UI issue with Opera for OS X, apparently the icon used for tab closing is on the left side instead of the right side of the tabs in the tab bar. This is crazy because it's on the right side in every other browser, including Opera for Windows 😕

    When I want to change tabs I always click on the left side of the tab because clicking on the right side is supposed to close the tab. Unfortunately, on Mac I usually close tabs instead of changing them.

    Can I somehow move the closing button to the right side of the tab? Why is it on the left side in the first place? It looks like a total UI anti-pattern.

  • Sorry, let me get this right?!
    In all (my) Opera-Versions for OS X the Tab Close button (for the tab itself) is on the left side, like in Safari! I never had it on the right side. I don't even know how to change it. Perhaps I misunderstood your thread?

  • It's on the left side in Safari, the close button for each window is also on the left side, and for every other application that has tabs on Mac, the close button is also on the left side. It might look strange when you're coming from Windows, but on Mac it's just the standard placement of UI for the close functionality.

  • operaoperandi, avi, see Chrome, Firefox and Opera for comparison (OS X Yosemite):

    I think it is indeed an antipattern, even though window controls on OS X are generally on left side. I think we should rather follow Firefox / Chrome in this matter, not Safari that has even smaller market share than Opera. Moving from Chrome or Firefox to Opera is literally impossible on OS X because it is nearly impossible to get used to the weird UI, especially if you're using two browsers (FF + Opera or Chrome + Opera, what I do).

    If you think the closing symbol on tab on the left side is alright - I'm fine with that, but I still think it hurts Opera a lot. Can I change it somehow? Maybe there's some plugin that will move the X symbol to the right side? It just makes no sense to have it on the left side, at all.

  • I think we should rather follow Firefox / Chrome in this matter, not Safari that has even smaller market share than Opera.

    Safari is by far the biggest browser amongst OS X users, and in general we try to follow Apple's HIG and user interface recommendations.

  • bartek212:

    Since I changed from Windows to OS X I'm going the opposite way: I changed the tab close button in Firefox and other applications (if possible) to the left side, to match the general appearance of OS X. It's only a matter of habituation, but each to his you mentioned.

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