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Why did opera change to chrome engine?

  • Originally posted by bjdobson:

    Okay, call me stupid but WHAT are Opera Blink and Opera Presto?? Are they versions of Opera that were known by a number (like Opera 12) and a name? I've never heard of them.

    Seeing as no-one else answered your question:

    Opera Presto is/was the old one that used the superior Presto rendering engine. Version numbers from 1.xx to 12.xx
    Opera Blink is the new one that uses the inferior Blink engine and removed most customization. Version numbers are 15+

  • Bookmarks have been available in the Quick Access Bar for several versions now. It is even called the Bookmarks Bar again in Opera 19. Lots of features are still missing, but some have returned. Custom search engines, draggable tabs, and themes to mention just a few.
    But I don't want a bar! Screw bars! Bars are for loosers! I want a button that could be put anywhere, like it was in 12.

  • I just need a secure (and save) small web-browser and mail-client for Linux and PPC-OS X.
    Can you explain, why it was so 'easy' and fast to get with Opera Presto and so difficult with Opera Blink?
    Is it possible that Opera Presto was 'more modern'?
    Opera Presto was able to display SVG-fonts, will Blink be able to do in this year?
    Is a version of Opera Mail for Linux available or planned?

    Is it maybe possible to buy Presto and its developers-environment? I mean not a license, I mean all rights and so on! (Don't worry about the price.)

  • Opera is doing all those bad and stupid decisions because they have already sold everything they could so now they are bound by those sale-contracts and can't do anything usefull anymore. Unless you're some billionare, you won't be able to set Opera back to the right way. This lazy and greedy world just can't tolerate smart and usefull things that are free.

  • Yep, opera has die!((( Chrome has borne.

    I use Opera browser from 6 version and I`m the operas fan. There is a lot of features useful for me.
    Now I stopped at 12.17, because new browser lost everything I used before.

    I don`t need another clone of Chrome.

  • I don't know what is all this compatibility people taking about why I should switch to the new browser. 12X opera works for 99.99 of all websites and even if it didn't they made it easy to open in another browser.

  • I love Opera 23. It's faster than Presto. The Speed Dial with folders is wonderful. The ability to use almost any Chrome extension is a really nice extra. I enjoy the Discover feature, as well as Stash. And I do find it easier to access sites with it. On the other hand, you can also, with extensions, open any site in the Opera 23 browser in another browser. Still, I think it's great that Opera Presto has a loyal following. Hats off to Opera for making them both available -- Opera Presto, and the new Opera.

  • Why Using Opera, while Google Chrome is built on the same platform? 🙂
    Bring my Presto back ..

  • Here you go it's still there, although it won't be getting any updates though.

  • @kesetrum

    Why Using Opera, while Google Chrome is built on the same platform? 🙂

    Opera and Chrome are different browsers with different feature sets. Using the same platform doesn't make different applications identical.