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  • The Opera 32 has been promoted to the beta channel: 32.0.1948.4 😉

    The change log, and the announcement: "Opera 32 is going beta".

    Bookmark tree view

    We’re introducing an improved bookmark tree view in this release, so you can create and maintain the structure you would like more easily. You can view it either from the drop-down menu or from the side panel in the bookmark manager.

    Sync passwords

    Passwords synchronisation now comes to beta. If you already use the sync service, you should notice a message in the sync dialog. You can configure what stuff you want to sync on your account with the new advanced synchronisation settings panel.

    In case of any issues with playing videos, please make sure you have the latest available Flash installed.

    You gave us feedback that there were duplicates in the bookmarks, whenever you added a website to Speed Dial. We listened: now, only one bookmark will be added, but you’ll need to select the proper folder from the menu to do so.

    There are even more improvements in this version, added here and there. So, you are welcome to play with it and discover on your own.

  • I have really serious problems with this version of Opera on Ubuntu 15.04. No extensions, all flags reset, cache and config cleared. For example:

    When I try to enter bookmarks page:

    When I try to bookmark a page:

    Opera also caused whole Unity to crash which closed all programs.

    For me, this version isn't even in developer shape.

  • Hi @gustavwiz, you can check if this problem is related to the accelerated 2D canvas: go to the opera:flags#disable-accelerated-2d-canvas, click the "Enable" button, and click "Relaunch Now", and if this doesn't help, then try to run the "opera-beta" with the command line switch as follows: /usr/bin/opera-beta --disable-gpu-compositing - in case, that this also changes nothing, try to completely disable the use of GPU as follows: /usr/bin/opera-beta --disable-gpu, and if this helps, then instead of using the switch, you can disable it within the UI: go to Settings > Browser > System, and untick the checkbox on the left of the "Use hardware acceleration when available" (to be able to see this options, make sure, that you have ticked the checkbox on the left of the "Show advanced settings", under the "Advanced settings" section).

  • When do you implement vertical tabs? ffs it's been ages and it was (for me at least) the best feature in old opera.

    Answer me this: why do I have to allow for a video to go to fullscreen? And now I also have to tick"remember this setting". _In Chrome you can go to fullscreen excpetions and just put all the websites in there(on my own responsibility) and no more annoying messages. For whatever reason I can't edit those excpetions in opera, even though I can see the list.
    Why do I have to see "press esc to..." -message or "You have gone full screen"? EVERYONE KNOWS THEY HAVE GONE FULLSCREEN.
    I'm not a toddler, I can figure this shit out.

    Please do something about this.

  • now I also have to tick"remember this setting

    Hi @pyryparkkola, you can disable this toolbar: go to opera:flags#show-domain-when-entering-fullscreen, and select "Disabled" from the drop-down. Nevertheless, when you disable it, this also hides the Settings > Websites > Full screen section, but it should only display the notice, that the site enters the full screen mode, and should not ask you for your confirmation anymore 😉

  • @l33t4opera:

    /usr/bin/opera-beta --disable-gpu-compositing

    Thanks, this solved all the issues. But I guess it's still a bug. I encountered many other issues also. Among many other rendering issues, I also couldn't display the opera:about page at all.

  • Hello! I loooove your browser, but unfortunately ever since version 31 (I'm currently using beta 32), synchronization isn't working for me. No tabs or settings ever sync.

  • I have really serious problems with this version of Opera on Ubuntu 15.04. No extensions, all flags reset, cache and config cleared. For example:
    When I try to enter bookmarks page:
    When I try to bookmark a page:
    Opera also caused whole Unity to crash which closed all programs.
    For me, this version isn't even in developer shape.

    This is because of a bug in the X11 nouveau driver, affecting Chrome and Opera, since they both try to use the same graphics function that makes the driver crash. This is also the reason why the whole system crashes, not Opera. Until Ubuntu updates their driver (it's already fixed upstream), install the nvidia binary driver ( to work around this. That's also a good tip in general, since it performs much better than nouveau.

    If you're religiously against binary drivers, disabling hardware acceleration works around it as well (at the cost of performance losses).

  • @avl: I have amd.

  • @gustavwiz fglrx or other driver?

  • @avl:

  • New update - Opera beta 32.0.1948.12, the change log, and the announcement 😉

    "We’ve found and fixed some nasty crashes on Mac, issue with BBC’s HTML iPlayer has been solved. This release includes Chromium update to version 45.0.2454.46, and other fixes. Please look at the change log for details."

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • @avl: So.. Is this a new bug, as I have AMD ( and not nvidia?

  • @gustavwiz The problem with the radeon driver is the same as with nouveau. This problem also occurs with the intel driver.

    You can find a description of the bug and a fix here: (fix is waaaay at the end of the thread, look at comment #45).

  • New update - Opera beta 32.0.1948.19, the change log, and the announcement 😉

    "Today’s update includes fixes for issues with MP3 and MP4 playback and a crash on Mac. For the full list of fixes, you may click on the full change log below.

    We also upgraded Chromium to version 45.0.2454.85.

    This is probably the last Opera 32 beta version before we switch it to Stable, unless you guys find some serious bugs. So, please let us know. Thanks and happy testing!"


  • I updated to Beta 32, opera starts, freezes, closes. Beta 31 ran fine. I have uninstalled and completely reinstalled. I also tried a clean install, and nothing seems to be working. Opera 31 stable opens and runs fine. Any ideas?

  • still no mp4 video playback of background videos on ):

  • The Opera stable 32.0.1948.25 has been promoted to the stable channel 😉

    The official announcement: Opera 32: Privacy is a universal right.

    "Your security online has always been our highest concern. We want to move it another step forward, because we believe that privacy online is a universal right.

    Recently, the SurfEasy team joined the Opera family, adding its VPN solution to our product lineup.

    What is a VPN? Well, imagine that basic internet communication is like sending a postcard. Almost everyone can read it, the post officer, post truck driver and even your neighbor. You trust they won’t use your private information, but you can never be sure.

    Using a VPN is like putting that postcard into a strongbox, which is then loaded into an armored truck, which drives on a highway inside a separate, concrete tunnel.

    On computers, SurfEasy VPN is available for Windows and Mac.

    We’re also looking into more privacy opportunities within the browser now that SurfEasy has joined Opera.

    Password synchronization

    We’re introducing password synchronization in today’s release of Opera 32 for computers. So, now, you don’t need to remember all the passwords for websites you frequently visit. You can access them from another computer, as long as you remember your master password. For the time being, it will be available on desktop only, with a rollout on other platforms to come later this year.

    Animated themes

    Do you feel like you want to have more fun with your Opera browser? No worries, now you can pick an animated theme to add a pinch of variety."


    - Improved design for toolbars in Mac.

    - Updated support for the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 45.

    - Enhanced support for Chromium desktop capture API.

    - Stability enhancements and bug fixes.

    ☕ 😉 :cheers:

  • Cannot play file h.264/MP4 on Opera 32 on Windows 10 Offical.
    This is link

  • Hi @bluesky2008, if you're using one of the N/KN editions, then you can try to download and install the Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 10, and see if this helps.

    Windows N: Has multimedia support removed from the OS install. This is the version sold to the European market and is missing Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, and Windows DVD Maker. This was due to sanctions by the European Union (EU) against Microsoft for violating anti-trust laws.

    Windows K: This edition is sold to South Korean markets and comes pre-installed with links to other competing instant messaging and media player software.
    Windows KN: Is a combination of K and N. It has links to other competing IM/MP software, but also does not include Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, or Windows DVD Maker.