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Opera 31.0.1889.99 keeps locking up and becomes totally unresponsive!

  • So I went to Opera Developer 32.0.1933.0 and all seems well.

    Had this problem with Opera 31 before. 31 would just lock up and had to do a hard shutdown to restart the PC.
    Solved it by going back to Opera 30 but it seems this can't be done anymore as Opera auto moved me up to 31 today.

    So decided to try 32 version which was in the Synaptic Package Manager repository of Ubuntu 14.04 and all seems well for now.

  • Using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

    Been using Opera Developer 32.0.1933.0 a couple days now but it has locked up a few times but overall runs far better than Opera 31. Also noticed that Opera dev 32 uses noticeably less memory than either Opera 30 or 31. Opera dev 32 plays graphics and video a little better than Opera 30 and 31.

    Opera 31 is totally useless for me! Locked up all the time and became totally unresponsive every time when clicking on bookmarks. Had to do a hard shutdown get PC responding/working again. This was the reason I stayed with Opera 30 which was far more stable than Opera 31 and 32.

    FWIW I also run Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Opera 31 runs stable with no issues.

  • Any help or ideas here!
    Opera Developer 32.0.1933.0 still locks up a few times a day. Have to do a hard shutdown to restart PC then run till Opera 32 locks up again. Wish I could go back to Opera 30 which was far more stable and never locked up like 32 does.

  • Are you using the nouveau driver?

  • Not sure. How can I tell if it's the nouveau driver?

  • If you are using nouveau, what you're seeing is a known bug in the nouveau driver, visible in Opera and Chrome because certain graphics are being used that trigger this bug.

    You can wait for Ubuntu to update the driver (AFAIK it has already been fixed on the nouveau side), or you can work around it by installing the nvidia proprietary driver (will give you better performance as an added bonus), instructions for Ubuntu here: .

  • avl, was using nouveau. Followed the directions on your above Ubuntu link and switched driver this morning (12 hours ago) to using:
    NVIDIA binary driver version 346.82 from nvidia-346 (proprietary, tested) and Opera dev 32 has not locked up my PC or froze on me once!

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

    PS: Just discovered Opera 31.0.1889.99 is now operational!
    I have both Opera dev 32 and Opera 31 installed.
    Opera 31 would lockup my PC as soon as I hit any bookmark tab rendering it totally useless. Now that the driver was changed Opera 31 seems to be running A-OK again!