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double click on .html file does not work in Opera 31 - works in IE 11

  • Double click on a local file

    L:\Robert Graf\Software\Ritlabs The Bat_7.0\Reference #77983784 Your The Bat! Home (Upgrade from an earlier version) order.html

    results in

    This webpage is not found

    No webpage was found for the web address: file:///L:/Robert%20Graf/Software/Ritlabs%20The%20Bat_7.0/Reference%20%2377983784%20Your%20The%20Bat!%20Home%20(Upgrade%20from%20an%20earlier%20version)%20order.html

    but when I generate the URL+drive with another tool it works:


    The difference is that there are 2 blanks in the file name part "%20%20Your" but Opera tries it with "%20Your".

    I don't know if Opera or the program where I double click should build the correct URL.

    Is this an Opera bug?

  • It's a bug in Opera 31:

    When I copy and paste file name

    "L:\Robert Graf\Software\Ritlabs The Bat_7.0\Reference #77983784 Your The Bat! Home (Upgrade from an earlier version) order.html"

    with 2 blanks between "#77983784 Your" into Opera 31.0.1889.99 URL will result in


    and "webpage not found".

    Please fix.

  • Please note: On the example above there is only 1 space between "#77983784 Your" when you copy + paste - will be removed by the forum website! Manually add a 2nd space!

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