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  • Quinca, it's Michael the Chicagoan, USA.
    Sent him another letter the other day...
    They're saying that he's getting a treatment, but...
    You know...

  • Grateful. Somehow, I can't deny I felt a certain relief that God will allow me. I thought it was yourself. Remain my best wishes now to him. As remain my assessments about you and Dave.

  • Michael aka mjmsprt40 on the old forums.

  • Facebook has reminded me it's his birthday today.


  • Hi Lincoln. I'm very sorry to be the one to tell you, but Mike passed away this last week. He very rapidly went downhill between Friday and Tuesday and then passed away early Wednesday morning.

  • Condolences. Death, after love, is the word most misunderstood by humanity. Paul Brunton, mentioned without quotation marks because it is not the original text, quoted from memory.

  • Happy V-Day!

    Michael's father was in the military, in the engineering. He came to fight in Europe in 1944.
    Let's commemorate the braves! Watched "The Science of D-Day" yesterday - the author (presenter), a young Brit, was saying the worst things he would've thought about in his teenagehood weren't comparable to the realities of those young soldiers approaching Normandy at that day.

  • I'm not sure any of us who haven't personally been through such times can ever fully grasp the fear - and bravery - of the generation that lived through (and in so many cases, died in) that war. To those of that generation who put their lives on the line literally, be all honor.

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    If you have any browser unrelated problems - we have this area.
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    Leo, always working, huh?
    Take a 5, we serve some coffee here in the Lounge ☕

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