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Where thumbnails in a Speed Dial?

  • Dear developers, add advanced settings for speed:
      - Set as my own picture of site as thubnail
      - Set background

    • Set size and number of thubnails

    Before, I used the "SQLite Database Browser" to edit the "thumbnails.db" file, but now it does not work.


    Windows 7 HP
    Opera 31.0.1889.99

  • The developers don't get out here much. You are much more likely to catch a devs eye by replying on the desktop blog soon after a release.

  • Poorly and in a disgusting way, this sharp white hospital background and an ugloplitochny look killed the best browser. Continuous ugliness. Such ugliness could be made and without removal of this control opera://flags/#experimental-start-page., was to establish a visual laying of Yandex in the Opera enough and you would receive such poverty.

  • Yeah, I can make peace with the fact that I have to select proper picture for the thumbnail - it can be even useful - but that white background..horrible. What's the point of having option to change the background for the whole speed dial, when you can't even see it?

    I would really like to know what were you thinking..

    It's pretty much the same with Windows 10 and its white title bars (no transparency at all) - god I hope they make some update for that. It's like change just for the sake of change - it's new you see? It's different than windows XP,7,8

  • I had 80 to 100 thumbnails in my Speed Dial, with beautiful themes that I could use as background. It was a joy to use the browser -- left me, whenever I did, smiling. I know in the last few versions to keep the option for thumbnails instead of the icons, I had to go to Opera://flags to keep the thumbnails, and to eliminate the ugly white borders for the Speed Dial folders. With Version 31 Opera updated, eliminated the ability to keep the older more beautiful version of its Speed Dial via Opera://flags, and turned them into ugly ugly ugly icons with the white borders, that totally wiped out the ability to enjoy themes. I offer up three" ughs for the incredible state of ugliness version 31 gives because it is impossible for me to look at the Speed Dial now. Thank you developers for not tending to things that needed to be improved (and yes, there were many still) and turning what had been a truly wonderful Speed Dial into glitzy junk.

    Now that's my humble opinion. At this point, for a desktop Browser, let me state quite simply: I prefer Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, whatever . . . . Thank you, developers, for self-destructing this browser. Is there no one on the development team who understands aesthetics?

  • I don't know.. but I think decisions like this are usually made by managers.
    I don't think developers have much word in design.

  • I think this transition to Opera 31 would have gone much smoother if the default visual for speed dial were overridden with the thumbnails set from the user's Opera profile. I find it unlikely that Speed Dial will stay the way it is, but even if it doesn't it really isn't that bad. I prefer it to the old speed dial.

    That being said I am a die hard Opera fan. I use other browsers only when I have to.

  • Please, return «Experimental start page»!!! Current speed dial is disgusting! Why do I need such small tiles on my huge screen? I can not see anything without an increase to 150% on Spped Dial! Why do I need ugly white border around the tiles?

  • @vladkalmar

    It wont happen. Sorry.

  • @lando242
    Why is that? This is marketing?

  • Misters developers if you do the browser for yourself then it is clear that such shit with each updating is pleasant to you and if you do for us please that be kind to listen to desires of users and return opera://flags/#experimental-start-page.

  • To those who keep saying use the heart icon to the right of the address bar it does not appear now when in speed dials page in Opera 31.0.1889.99 so that tip is no longer relevant so please stop spouting it

  • @athlonite

    The heart icon is used to add a bookmark/speed dial entry and edit a bookmark/speed dial entry. You don't see it on the speed dial page itself, you see it on the page you have saved. So if you want to edit a page you first have to go to it and then click the heart icon.