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Opera crashing in Windows 10

  • I am having the same problem with the same version of Opera and running Windows 10...

  • I have the same issue. opening with video links, the browser crashes through!
    Examples of video link: google r2.googlevideo .....
    Windows 10 X64 + HD4890

  • Just to add I'm having one or two crashes a day Opera beta 35.0.2066.23. It's not frequent enough or annoying enough to bother trying to remedy but perhaps just worth reporting with all the others.

  • I have multiple crashes per day as well. I've been using opera for years and I hate to go but this is just absurd. IE in it's worst wasn't this bad.

  • Windows 10 and no crashes here.

  • Windows Insider build 11102 - same problem.

  • Opera comes completely useless. programmers have hands-from-ass. that is disaster

  • Same problem on Windows 10, specially with scroll in Twitter

  • I think it would be good if the ones facing this kind of issue could post their computers specs and also if they upgraded to Windows 10 from an old Windows or if it was a clean installation.

  • leocg

    I have 2 computers facing problems with Opera v 34 freezing in Windows 10 latest build.

    #1. New ASUS laptop, i5-5200u cpu, 6 Gb ram, Intel HD 5500 graphics, Windows 10 latest build (clean install).
    #2. 4 years old ACER desktop, i3-2100 cpu, 6 Gb ram, AMD Radeon HD 6570 graphics, Windows 10 latest build (upgrade install).

    Two different computers with different specs and different install of Windows 10.

    I don't think it's the computers specifications that is the reason why Opera is freezing, but most likely something with the programming/codes in Opera and/or Windows 10 that will not work together.

    In my case I did not have problem with Opera browser freezing when I was running Windows 10 build 10240. The problem started after upgrade to Windows 10 build 10586.

  • I have several Windows 10 computers that all have issues with Opera freezing. By freezing I mean Opera stops responding to keyboard/mouse input and I have to close it from task manager. Firefox and Chrome do NOT exhibit the same behavior on these computers. The issues seem to have started after the "threshold 2" release of Windows 10 came out. According to winver all are currently on build 10586.63. All machines have Opera version 34.0.2036.50. I do not have ANY extensions installed on any of these computers.

    Computer #1 - 10 Pro 64bit - Fresh Install
    Intel Core i5 760
    4GB RAM
    120GB SSD
    Geforce 8500GT

    Computer #2 - 10 Pro 64bit - In place upgrade from Windows 7 Pro
    Intel Core i3 2100
    4GB RAM
    120GB SSD - OS drive, multiple storage drives
    Geforce GTX460

    Computer #3 - 10 Pro 64bit - Fresh Install
    Intel Core i5 2540M
    8GB RAM
    240GB SSD
    Intel HD 3000/Nvidia Quadro NVS4200 graphics

    Computer #4 - 10 Home 64bit - In place upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium
    Intel Core i5 3770
    8GB RAM
    120GB SSD
    Geforce GT640

    All are intel processors and all have nvidia graphics chips.

  • I don't think it's the computers specifications that is the reason why Opera is freezing

    The idea is more to see if there is something in common among the computers of the ones facing the freezing issue.

    Also, some old and/or low end computers may have issues running modern softwares/OSs.

  • Graphic cards drivers are updated? I remember that once i was having some issues with Windows 10 and installing a more recent version of the graphic card driver (Intel HD4600) helped to at least minimise the issue.

  • All of my computers have the newest drivers from as of this morning.

    Crashing issues are still there and have been through the last 3-4 updates from nvidia. I've also tried way out of date graphics drivers with no change.

  • Have you checked with hardware acceleration disabled?

  • Hardware acceleration off changes the crashing behavior a bit.

    With hw acceleration ON when Opera crashes you'll immediately see (Not responding) show up in the title bar.

    With it OFF what I end up with is a busted tab I can scroll up and down in but none of the Opera controls work and no links on the site work. All you can do is close Opera and sometimes that results in Windows saying it's (Not responding) so I kill it from task manager.

  • Wow. Opera is crashing a lot.... No plugins is responsible. Its either windows 10 or opera. Thefourthperiod is crashibg, sportsnet is crashing , all web sites with videos and lot of stuff. Im using a surface pro 2 and i tried everything. Opera beta is not better.

  • Has anybody tried to install an older version? Same crashing incident on Windows 10 Japanese edition, crashing when accessing google translate, then reinstalled and the new installation still crashing. Opera 34.0.2036.47

  • Opera is set to load all plugins for the moment. Im a big fan of click to play. I have improvement. But its been onlu one day. What a great browser for the microsoft surface.

  • I got the same problem since the most recent update (this month).

    Opera should rollback its update or provide a hotfix.

    If not, then they should at least make earlier versions downloadable.

    I've been using opera for a very long time. It's a shame that I am forced to use other browsers for now until it is fixed

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