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  • Hi,

    You claim that it is possible to sync speed dials across browsers. I don't see how this is possible and neither does bertp. Listing speed dials from other browsers is hardly syncing them. What I would like to have is to select speed dials from another Opera instance B on another machine and import them so that these speed dials show in Opera instance A as speed dials. Is this possible?

    I tried searching for any hints. But all I find is manuals for Opera 12... It seems with every step forward, you take two steps back.


  • Is this possible?

    If sync is enabled on both, yes.

  • Manually copying/importing isn't sync either!

  • It seems more a matter of semantics to me. If you can access the data from a place in another one, then there is sync.

  • Just to clarify. If I sync my calendar between devices, I expect my calendar entries to be available on all devices and not to be able to edit a calendar entry that is saved on some other device (Opera "sync"). What a mess this would be. This is not symantics, this is marketing and a very bad one which makes it even worse.

    No, Opera doesn't sync, it allows access to Opera bookmarks/tabs/etc. of other devices (which is fine for tabs for me, but for the speed dial). And it's also not "speed dial", i.e., speedy, if I have to do navigate to another machine and click the "speed dial" there. This is not speedy nor is it sync.

    What Opera calls sync doesn't help me because one device, which currently has all my speed dials, will be shut down. While it will remain in the Opera cloud, this is not an acceptable solution. My current option is to open all speed dial entries manually and save them at the new device (again, hardly synchronization). Not an option.

    I guess it's back to copying config directories from the file system again. If someone knows of another solution, I'd be glad if you share. Thanks.

  • Same here, speed dial is not syncing. I can't even find other devices speed dial as you mentioned.

  • Well, i still think that synchronisation means to be able to access the same data in several different places and also be able to modify that data on any of the places.

  • For me staying synchronized with something is staying equal to something.

  • I agree with you, Rafael. If speed dial syncronized in that way, it would be better and more organized. However I don't need the speed dial from my computer in my phone.

  • I'm a returnee to Opera from Firefox, with one of the features I liked in the past being Speed Dial. But, unless I'm missing something including in the posts above, Speed Dial doesn't sync at all; there is a copy in "Other Speed Dials" or whatever. While some posters don't want to have PC SDs on their phone or tablet (fair enough), some of us do. It can't, surely, be that difficult to allow that functionality - e.g. so that some or all SDs can be moved to any chosen device and kept synchronised there. Why describe something as a sync when it's a copy, buried somewhere in a menu. I'm wondering whether I should go back to FF/FVD...