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Give Us Greater Control Over Site Permission Settings.

  • I found Opera sometimes blocks my sites while I'm trying to visit and with no options to change the permissions on the sites like on Firefox.I also hate when log-in windows start flashing and bouncing on loading.I need a control to stabilize that when it's bouncing and a way to set my own rules about what gets blocked or allowed on sites and it's obviously upsetting others who've moved to other browsers because of this loss of control.

  • Please read this.

  • I've read it and found nothing about my issues with not having any control over site permissions and it's upsetting to others when this loss of control blocks their sites like it's blocking mine.I'm not the only one who's upset about having control over what I've got access to taken away by Opera.

  • I've read it and found nothing about my issues

    It was a tip for you to try to fix your bad posting. You mix different issues, you don't use proper paragraphs, you don't even clearly explain what you want and why Opera should have what you are asking for.

  • I made a seperate post for each issue and the one in this thread is about the fact that sites are getting blocked or patially blocked with no user controls on what the site permissions can be set and there's an extension recently released for Firefox that fixed this issue for that browser with advaced controls for site permissions and I'm looking for that here and I've seen another user looking for better control over site permissions.
    The issues actually started with some of the recent Opera updates and the current controls for this are no longet working and the settings aren't being honored if we changed them.I'm finding too many sites getting blocked or not loading correctly and others not functioning when they do load because I can't change site permissions or have too few options to change to allow the site to load.
    Sorry about the other bad posts.I've got a few sticking keys on my keyboard.

  • the one in this thread is about the fact that sites are getting blocked or patially blocked with no user controls

    Being blocked how?

  • It's been happening to some sites ever since recent updates were forced on us that the site permission settings we did have are not being honored and it's causing sites to get blocked so it isn't loading fully which is annoying and I use AVG for virus protection and firewall protection like most online users do if they have any sense.I used to have Norton and couldn't replace it with AVG fast enough.
    The new changes in Opera sometimes block us from downloading things we wanted to download or occasionally even stop a site from loading at all.I've seen others posting about not being able to get onto sites because the sites are being blocked and the poster is very upset and frustrated by the issue.

  • Do you have example of those blocked sites?

  • I happens on different sites and affects others besides me.I noticed a thread in another section about this issue started by another Opera user.It can affect almost any site at any time since recent updates to Opera were forced on us.

  • Are you talking about the antimalware protection?

  • I'm talking about site permission controls need to be given to the user because this browser is acting like a dictator and telling users what is safe and blocking things we know are safe and have used before.I wouldn't mind a user controlled safe mode being available for web searches and being able to have advanced control over site permissions at other times while visiting known and trusted sites.

  • Do you have any examples? It would be better if you could post a screenshot.

    Here i donĂ½ have any problems with 99% of the sites.

  • It's happened so often I don't always get a screen and some of the issues can't be shown in a screen because it's a flashing log-in window.You must just be lucky that yours isn't buggy or glitching out like it is for me.I hate it ehen a browser decides to block a site it determines is "unsafe" when I've been using the site for a long time and know it's actually safe to use.This has been happening since updates started getting pushed on users automatically and before they were even ready for general use.This means we're getting untested updates forced on us and having issues with the browser like sites being blocked and controls are being hidden from users menues so we can't set our own controls anymore.

  • I hate it ehen a browser decides to block a site it determines is "unsafe"

    Any examples of such sites?

  • This can be any site a user is highly familiar with like where I always have an issue with a flashing log-in window and parts of the site being blocked.Other users were reporting having issues like this with their own frequented sites.
    Most of us with sites being blocked or partially blocked want to have our control over what we feel is safe and not have a browser decide that for us.

  • I just discovered uBlock and uMatirx which claim to be for more advanced users are great impovements over letting Opera control site permissions and I've found them a lot more user-friendly than any other site permission extensions with greater control over site permissions.It means you can set strict permissions for searches and relax them greatly for visits to you known sites.

  • This thread is a mess and is mixing issues and doesn't explain easily what the request is. Please create a new topic following this guide if you want to make a suggestion.

    Also, this topic seems to be a duplicate of your other one.