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  • Nope, i guess i just understand their point. With an unlimited number of entries, the list could split into two, three, four colums and it still have to handle the other info in the tab menu.

    So? I didn't ask for them to move the list into the Tab Menu in the first place. Give option to, or keep the full list where it was for over a year: in the main menu. It won't bite...

  • Ta menu be should be in the side bar because it would be more useful and would have space to show more than 10 closed tabs. Also it would be nice to see history and bookmarks in side bar natively.

  • Ta menu be should be in the side bar

    Possibility to move tab bar to the sides would be good.

  • I can give you another example why RCT is way more convenient than history. Suppose that you have 2 windows open, with specific tabs to each window, dividing your work... The list keeps the closed tabs of each window separate to that window, whereas history mixes all together...

    Ok, i guess i can consider it a valid point.

    Anyway, I know there are alternative, which you present here, this is true, but none of them is faster and more convenient.

    Maybe, but i still think that search may be faster if you have a long list of closed tabs.

    Maybe you have never used a lot of time, a lot of open tabs, and the ability to open close then quickly. Because, if you do, I know that you understand, despite you act like the devil's advocate...

    Well, for sure i don't usually keep reopening closed tabs. For me such feature was always something for an eventual "emergency" (a tab closed by mistake or by some script, something like that) than one to be used regularly.

  • I use the closed tab feature all the time. As opposed to making it a single, arbitrary, number I think we would benefit more by having an option to select how many previously closed tabs we would like to show - at the expense of space or looks. I am okay with that. I would probably set it at 100 and then scroll through it to remind myself of something that I had forgotten.

    I do a lot of "work" (well, I am retired) in the web browser. I have a number of dev projects and I do a lot of coding. I quite frequently am bouncing around inside the browser from tab to tab to tab and closing and opening other tabs. Often, I will need to refer back to something that I closed. My memory is a little cloudy - it happens with age. 😉

    Being able to have the feature, let it default to ten, and then have it customizable to any (there is going to need to be a finite limit due to bit length though with 64 bits that can be a pretty large number) number that the end user wants would be great. One of the things that has made Opera my favorite browser (for many many years - back when I had to pay for the privilege to use Opera) has been the ability to customize it and the wonderful developers who were unafraid of trying new things.

    Yes, yes I did pay to use Opera back in the day. It was worth it. I would pay now, if needed. (Instead I subscribe to SurfEasy as of late.) I think some of that culture is missing as Opera tries to gain market share instead of concentrating on just being themselves and letting the chips fall where they may. Sure, there is something to be said for increased revenue but what, at what expense? If they lose the development community, what do they have left? If Opera decides to code for the lowest common denominator then, really, what will that accomplish in the long run?

    I see the folks here who are languishing. There is real emotion here. Some of us have used Opera for a very long time. There was a time when Opera was the trend starter. Tabbed browsing? Opera did it first AFAIK. Gestures? Opera did that too. Turbo? Yup, that would be Opera. Even this subject, the ability to re-open (and find) closed tabs? I bet you can guess who did that first... There was a reason we paid for Opera. It was worth every cent - and it was worth it to have the experience, knowing that Opera would be first to market with new features and would offer stellar support.

    I can not say that the trend is ending - by any means. In fact, it may well be continuing and going in new directions. They have a whole new code base that they are working with. So, keep that in mind before we decide that they have wronged us. Also, keep in mind that the code is right there on GitHub - we can fork this if we want. I have an IDE that will work well with this. chuckles I have Visual Studios and an MSDN subscription, Eclipse, QT, CodeLite, and VIM if I need it.

    So, before we get out the pitchforks, let's be patient and see - while continuing to stress our needs. If the pitchforks do have to come out then, well, why bother? It will be too late at that point. Grab an IDE, a free eBook or thirty, a browser window with StackOverflow and Bing/Google, head to GitHub, and make it what you feel it ought to be. However, let's hope it does not reach that point because, well, a project this large with a disparate userbase such as this, is not going to be easy.

    For now, I think, let us just say, "Thanks." (And let us continue to make sure we are open, honest, and communicative when we have needs such as this.)

  • I suppose I am one of those old time users that have always a few windows and many tabs opened, among other programs that runs 24/7 on my alert computer. I have sighed at 'recent close tabs' new alzeimher more than my share 🙂

    On a side note, I just discovered thanks to the forum the extension V7 bookmarks with its folders inside folders bookmarks, that are keeping me using Opera 12... I hope those refined details @kgiii mention will keep coming to smart power users, would it be by having to tweak a setting somewhere 😛

  • Christ, I wish people would just accept the fact that Opera (As well as this forum) is an anti-user customization company, they are specifically targeting the tablet/Office managers/PC oblivious crowd...

    I still have an Opera Post-nerfed browser that I mainly use for my saved MHT off-line files and legacy sites, and I only use the neutered Opera Anti-browser for hist-sites like this one, as the bland whiteness of the forums perfectly match the bland whiteness of the browser and facelessness of win 10..(Of which I'm waiting 'till a new skin is available before I upgrade)

  • WOW, They even nerfed/hid the edit function since I last visited 3-4 moths ago!

    ...Oh wait, yeah I was right, it was hidden in the general white-blandness of the site's "color" palate!

  • You can reopen many more tabs in the order they were closed by repeatedly pressing Control+Shift+T.
    I have been able to restore everything I ever needed so far, so it reaches back at least several dozen.

  • but still you cannot decide what to open... Or have a quick look to find the one tab you want out of the dozens...

    @kgiii guess who also started CSS 😉 Opera was once the leader, but today became the badly copy/paste follower

  • You can reopen many more tabs in the order they were closed by repeatedly pressing Control+Shift+T.
    I have been able to restore everything I ever needed so far, so it reaches back at least several dozen.

    Of course, it feels and works very nice and simple reopening 30 tabs to get 1 you want.

  • I noticed that opera keeps more than 10 entries. If you keep opening, older entries will be shown.

    Soooooooo.... If there are there, why is it so difficult to show them to us???????

  • Until Opera decides to change this behavior I'm using an extension for that.

    The Wrona History Menu Extension shows up to 25 closed tabs and up to 40 history entries.

  • but still you cannot decide what to open... Or have a quick look to find the one tab you want out of the dozens...
    @kgiii guess who also started CSS Opera was once the leader, but today became the badly copy/paste follower

    @skoy21 Opera is awesome. I'm a huge fan but I can't get the code to compile on BSD. sighs That's okay, I hardly use BSD anyhow but I really want to migrate - I just can't because I like Opera that much.

    I'm trying to poke Opera a little with some suggestions here and there. I'm not the greatest coder in the world but I think I may have to finally grab the source (again - I somehow misplaced it) and hack at it until it does what it is supposed to do.

    I used to pay for the privilege to use Opera now I can't even donate. Opear used to lead the way, like you said, and that's why I'm a fan. I use the default installed browser long enough to download Opera.

    I'm hoping this settles down and that they start innovating again. I can hope, right? I'll stick with them as it is still my preferred browser, by far. I'll still recommend them to those who ask. I'll just have to add it to my to-do list and start hacking at the code myself. I was really hoping to avoid that.