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LastPass Extension Crashes Opera Developer 32.0.1933.0

  • Just upgraded Opera Developer from 32.0 to 32.0.1933.0 and now find that the LastPass extension crashes the browser on start-up, causing the browser to crash/restart/crash/restart until it eventually gives up and disables all extensions.

    I'm able to re-enable all other extensions (AdblockPlus, Pocket, Ghostery, without issue. It appears to be only the LastPass extension that has this effect.

    This is on Windows 7 64 bit.

    Hope this information is helpful.

  • Same here, but i have no idea how to disable extensions before browser launches so basicaly my Opera is unusable any more.

  • Hope this information is enough to resolve my problem..

  • If you are in crash loop and can't get to the point to disable extension, you can try this...

    go to your profile, open preferences file and search for
    (lastPass extension ID)
    you will probably have 3 hits...
    after second scroll a little to find "state":1
    change it to 0 and start Opera....lastPass will be disabled

    there are other ways too (deleting extension folder) but this is the cleanest way
    once you start Opera remove lastPass or whatever you want to do with it until bug gets fixed

    if you can't find profile folder, look under O-Button -> about Opera -> paths

  • Thx, fouded and deleted 🙂

  • Aside from removing the extension, is there any way (or are there any plans) to resolve the underlying issue?

  • Fixed in the new Developer release (33.0.1963.0).