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Speed Dial thumbnails going unloaded (12.17)

  • Three times in the past four days all of my Speed Dial thumbnails images (~100) show unloaded upon reopening 12.17, i.e., text only no thumbnail images. Opera really slows down while they reload. Any idea why this might be happening all of a sudden? Nothing I know of has changed. I use CCleaner, but that only clears Opera download history and internet cache. Thanks,

  • The thumbnail images for the Speed Dial are kept in the \Profile\Thumbnails folder.
    Check to make sure that CCleaner isn't trashing that folder.

  • Where is the Profile folder? Don't see it or recall ever seeing it under Program Files or appdata (roaming or local).

  • Look under Help>About Opera and it should tell you where its folders are.
    The profile folder path is listed as "Opera directory".

  • C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera. There is no Profile folder there. There is a speedial.ini file, but copying that in from a backup was of no consequence.

  • The thumbnails are in a folder called thumbnails.

  • If speedial.ini is in that folder, it is your profile folder.
    What is the folder actually called if it isn't "profile"?
    Maybe it's only called "profile" on single user installations, but I wasn't aware of that.
    There should indeed be a "Thumbnails" subfolder there, which is where your Speed Dial thumbnail images should be stored.

  • For my Opera 12 appdata folder, see A vauge memory that there used to be a Profile folder, or maybe it was referred to as that.

  • That folder is certainly the equivalent of a profile folder, even if it's not called that.
    If you open up the operaprefs.ini file in Notepad, the profile path should be in there near the top, in fact usually the first entry in the [User Prefs] section.
    Mine is "Opera Directory=C:\Program Files\Opera\Profile", but mine is a single user installation.
    Yours will be a path to a Windows User folder if it's set up for multi user.
    I'm very surprised that there's no "Thumbnails" subfolder in the folder you sent the screen grab of.

  • Ok, but am not sure what I'm looking for in that file (or in opera:config), since wasn't the question whether or not CCleaner was trashing the thumbnails? Deleting internet cache and download history wouldn't seem to fit.

  • Deleting the cache and history should not erase the Speed Dial thumbnails.
    If you haven't got a "Thumbnails" folder it is possible that they're not being stored anyway!
    Do a Windows search for "Thumbnails" and see if there actually is a "Thumbnails" folder anywhere.
    If there isn't, it looks as if your Opera installation has become corrupted somehow.
    BTW this thread doesn't seem to be jumping to the top of the board when I post to it as it should do, I have no idea why.

  • Good idea. The Thumbnails folder is in AppData\Local. Here's some screenshots of all the CCleaner settings: Btw, this also occurred in Opera 12 on my laptop a couple of days ago. I had copied in the current speed dial file, but it wasn't the first time recently I had done so.