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Opera Mini 11 beta 1 for Android

  • How about "images off" in "high" mode?
    Why it's not possible?

  • In this newest beta release, when I try open some of my speed dial pages, they only show like:
    "Error 404 (Not Found)!!1"
    It says exactly like that.
    In the previous release of Beta 11 it worked perfect

  • newest beta release have no automatically text changing problem but image problem is still exist. ........and please add more features. .....

  • Yeah, that image issue is a killer... ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • Please fix the facebook notification as its unavailable for my phone. I'm using android ver 2.3.4 (gingerbread) which should have met the min requirement for opera mini. Thank you.

  • I have been tested latest version (11.0.1912.94373), and still there is auto text size changing problem, when rotate the phone. and with reload page, will be fixed.

  • I am using the latest beta version on Android 5.0 and I am unable to select any folder on SD Card for downloading files as there is no option to provide access to the SD Card. Please fix this problem.

  • @therealankit This problem is related to android 5. Root your phone and download "SDFix" from Google Play.

  • Any way to solve this 'SD Card grant access' problem without root permission?

  • Opera, please provide option to download files to SD card in Android lollipop by asking for granting permission to write in external SD card as many other apps do.

  • There's some vacation going on or something?? ๐Ÿ™‚
    No more betas?


  • There's some vacation going on or something??

    Probably, as this is (summer) vacation time in Europe.

  • I can't use social media buttons because opera mini beta version 11 has no option to say that you trust the site please provide that all other browsers do thanks

  • In this beta version, I've got problem with photo viewing issue. All photos are not loading in a webpage

  • Hi,
    ยค after creating several folders and placing in them for example 4-5 bookmarks (not in all folders) it causes crash of the Opera Mini Beta 11.0.1912.94373.
    Editing tabs also causes frequent closure of the browser.
    ยค I also often have troubles with displaying images for the first time after loading in the extreme mode , hence I have to reload the page, sometimes twice.
    Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on LGL3II.

  • Can't say the full screen view is any improvement over the older mobile tab view, and neither of those were an improvement over the old Opera Mini interface.

    This because while on the old interface i could have some 10 tabs open and switch between them with a couple of taps, now i have to scroll across the screen multiple times to get from one end to the other with the same amount of tabs open.

    if the full screen view offered a grid display, perhaps it would have been an improvement. But as it is now it is simply a change of eye candy.

  • Such an arrangement of bookmarks in folders
    (See the screenshot,
    caused the OM_Beta-11.0.1912.94373 to crash, and then its closed up.

  • I've been using this mini beta on a new phone for a few days now. here's some improvement I had in mind :

    while it's good to see speed dials on other device, it fall short on the management. at this point I expect ability to applying and moving speed dials from other devices to the current device. the tabs part is pretty nice.

    now I kinda regret the unified url/search box decision. it makes hard to refine or change the search engine for what we're currently search. the text typically become the result url instead and we must re-type OR edit-block-all-copy-edit-paste our search.
    It actually won't be that troublesome if we also able to longpress-copy all text from textbox directly like the old mini 7 and longpress-paste it to url/search box.

    and maybe add "mini 7" (with separated url and search box) to the app layout list would help quench the thirst for people who desire old days looks more. myself included.

    and stragely for every few moments it refuse me to stay logged in at this very site.