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  • Opera 30.0.1835.88
    Windows 7 Pro

    I use sessions A WHOLE LOT. After update to Opera 30 I have no clue how to save a session nor how to access my previously saved sessions, nor how to set the startup to offer me a chance to choose a session to start with.

    The ease of using sessions is one of the things that has kept me using Opera. Has it been removed? Am I just to dumb to find it? Please help me with this.

    I wonder what else that I loved about Opera has been taken away. I suspect they took away me ability to quickly change the images loading. I see they removed my icon at the bottom of the screen that let me quickly switch. Why, do they remove the things that make Opera my favorite browser? It looks like they don't want me to use Opera any more. I just noticed some other things that they reset. They reset my default of asking where to save a file. I was able to fix that. They changed some other settings on me. I had to go through all settings, including advanced, and change many settings back to my preference. I may have to start another thread to find out how to stop a file that is downloading, not pause, STOP. I'll try some more to figure it out before resorting to that.

    This reminds me of when Fastmail dropped a major user interface on their users. There was nearly a revolt. I don't expect that to happen with this browser. I hope Opera listens and returns loved features.

  • Adding comment because I see no way to edit my entry above. I found my previous sessions. I suppose loading my favorite start page "about:blank" and going to saved sessions will be my new way of doing things.

    I'm glad you did not take away that feature, but you now have it implemented in a way that I'm not too happy with. Just give me back the old text only menus PLEASE.

  • If you want to use Opera 12, use Opera 12. Opera 30 is not Opera 12 and you can cry till you fill the Salton Sea and it wont change that.

  • @neonam: where did you find the session? Please share.

  • Opera 30 does not have native session support. There are extensions that added session capability though. I use Session Buddy myself. It blows the old session manager from Opera 12 out of the water. If you use 'Download Chrome Extension' you can added Session Buddy to Opera with no issues.