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Can I install latest Opera version without losing my e-mail program?

  • Hello all,

    I've long been using Opera that comes with the e-mail program included. I now get messages to upgrade the Opera version.
    Can I do this without losing my e-mail program?
    Please advise,
    Best regards,

  • Can I do this without losing my e-mail program?

    If you just upgrade, you get the new Opera that doesn't have an email program. Your mail files will still be in tact, you just won't have anything that uses them.

    Instead, if you want the new Opera for browsing, goto, download the installer, launch it, click "options", change the install path to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera stable" for example, set "install for" to "all users" and make sure to tell it to make Opera your default browser.

    That way, it won't interfere with your the old Opera and its mail. Then, in your old Opera, goto "alt + p -> advanced -> programs". There you'll want to do a few things. First, you'll want to make sure your old Opera isn't set to make itself the default browser. Then, add the http protocol and edit it to open with the default application. Then, add the https protocol and set it to open with the default application. That way, when you click on links in messages, they'll open in the new Opera (you then just alt + tab really quick to bring focus back to the old Opera if needed).

    Or, if you want, you can use the standalone Opera Mail at Click "options" in the installer and make sure the "install path" is set to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera Mail". The new Opera Mail will then give you the option to import mail and settings etc. (above the "import from Opera" wizard. The "import from Opera" wizard you don't want).

    Once your email is imported fine in the new Opera Mail, you can just tell your old Opera 12.x to upgrade to the new Opera. Or, you can just download the Opera installer from and install it where you want.

    Note though that for the standalone Opera Mail, if you don't get the import wizard above the "import from Opera" wizard, just close down your old Opera and Opera Mail. Then, copy (or move) the "mail" folder, contacts.adr and wand.dat (and operaprefs.ini if you want to retain some of the global mail settings) from the old Opera profile to the Opera Mail profile (replacing any existing files and folders with those names). For example, look in "C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera" and "C:\Users\user\AppData\Locar\Opera\Opera" for the old Opera profile files and in "C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Opera Mail\Opera Mail" and "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Opera Mail\Opera Mail" for Opera Mail's profile files.

    If you copy over operaprefs.ini to Opera Mail, edit it before starting Opera Mail and remove all lines that have paths in them to make Opera Mail use the default paths. If you have a custom "mail" folder location though, keep the Mail Root Directory line under [Mail] and make sure its path is still correct.

    Also, before you even import from (or copy over from) the old Opera, if you use a master password, goto "alt + p -> advanced -> security" and uncheck "use a master password to protect my passwords", close out and shut down Opera. That will decrypt wand.dat as Opera Mail doesn't have UI available by default for master password use.

    Also note that Opera Mail is an unfinished product and is not being worked on anymore. It's just Opera 12.x with most of the browser parts hidden. It also have lots of settings in the UI missing and some that are there are broken. This forces you to edit files manually to change some settings.

    Also note that with Opera 12.x, when you set http and https to open in the default browser as previously mentioned, not only will links in emails open in the new Opera (your default browser), but any http/https page you goto in the address field will too. Further, if you make use of RSS feeds, you'll manually have to add links to the rss pages. And, because of a bug, rss feed messages that have iframes in them will cause the old Opera to open the iframe page in the new Opera (your default browser). With the standalone Opera Mail, iframe pages in rss messages will load fine.

    So, there are pros and cons for whether to use Opera 12.x or the standalone Opera Mail for mail.

  • Hello Burnout426

    Thanks for the detailed information and explanation. I will go ahead and follow the suggestions you mention.
    I already have the standalone Opera (latest version) installed, but it crashes everyime I put my cursor on the bookmarks (which doesn't show any of the imported bookmarks). Any suggestions there or should I try and serach the forum. Best regards, Eaglefly01

  • I already have the standalone Opera (latest version) installed, but it crashes everyime I put my cursor on the bookmarks (which doesn't show any of the imported bookmarks). Any suggestions

    Delete bookmarks.adr in the preferences folder while Opera is closed. If that doesn't work, delete in the "sessions" folder in the preferences folder. If that doesn't work, delete any ini files in the "toolbars", "keyboard" and "menu" folders. If that doesn't work, rename operaprefs.ini. If that doesn't work, reinstall Opera over the top of itself to repair any program files.