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  • New to Opera.
    Using a new Lenovo Yoga ThinkPad fully kitted out with touch screen and 8Gb RAM, etc.
    Using WIN 8.1
    Opera v30.0.18xxxx
    Downloaded Opera, because it has tab stacking.

    Problem, when I drag a tab onto another tab, there is no stacking. Dragging it just moves the tab to the place that the tab I want to drag onto is. I've watched the YouTube video and I've done a search in both the forum and web only to find there was a stacking bug which has been fixed as this was reported 2-years ago.

    This should be working out the box without my changing setting (which I haven't done).

    Help welcome and I thank you in advance for replies.

  • There is no tab stacking in Opera 30. The old Opera, Opera 12 (aka Opera Presto) had tab stacking, but several years ago Opera shifted to using a Chromium engine in its browser, and the new Opera (Opera Blink) had to be reprogrammed from scratch. It started with Opera 15. There's no way of knowing what features will come in the new Opera, currently Opera 30, but tab stacking is not a current feature. The shift to the chromium engine has brought a range of plusses, including access to Chrome extensions, a revamped Speed Dial (which permits creation of folders of links for each speed dial position), the Discover feature, greater browser speed, and more. However a number of the features in the Opera Presto browser are not in the new browser. Some can be gotten by extension, some may be added by the development team, others may never come. While Opera 12 is still available for download, the Opera development teamis no longer working on it (some sites -- more all the time, it would seem, no longer are accesible through it). All of the development work is now on the new Opera. BTW, I have not seen a chrome extension that provides tab stacking.

  • Thank you for the reply. It would have been nice to know. Firefox is my main browser but I'd been trying Vivaldi which has tab stacking and speed dial but it is too buggy for daily use.

  • I didn't think Firefox had tab stacking. Only Vivaldi and Opera Presto.

  • Im using "Tab groups helper" plugin in firefox. You can switch expose groups easily, i just needed it to setup nicely.