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  • Raises issues I'm not qualified to lend a hand in. I don't have these issues in Opera (currently using Opera 30) so if the issue is the browser, why am I not experiencing these things. I have a feeling it has to do with your computer OR with the version you installed. Maybe the download was corrupt? Why not save your profile, uninstall Opera and download it again?

  • This can be some malicious extension - try private window, will that be clean? (In private windows extensions are disabled.)

    Then there can be some rogue page attached to your Opera shortcut.

    Try adwcleaner too - this can sometimes find malware, not noticed by malwarebytes.

  • The why always appear only in opera ?
    It seems rest of virus or something in opera.
    I have used malwarebytes and detect nothing

    It depends on the adware itself and how it infected the system. The ads will usually either appear in the system's default browser or the browser being used when the infection occurred. So one browser can seem to be affected while others don't. Depending on how the adware operates, it can live in a browser's add-ins or extensions, in its session records, in its search engine settings, in the desktop browser shortcut (as a command extension), as its home-page, or as a primary speed dial setting - or in some combination of these. It could also put itself into a variety of system folders, settings, or the registry; places such as the start folder, task scheduler, or various other locations. Typically, the browser in use at the time of the adware infection is the one most afflicted, largely because that presents the most accessible file targets to attack on the system (because of permissions, user account barriers, etc). In the case of Opera, special attention should be placed to the Opera shortcut properties to make sure no http address has been appended to the shortcut's command.

    Most antivirus programs are less effective against adware than specialty removal tools like Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner, and so on. To get the more obnoxious adware fully removed, all its pieces need to be cleaned out or it can in some cases respawn itself from pieces left behind. The typical path to cleaning is to uninstall it from Windows (if a program entry is present there), AND then scan with a good, special removal tool to remove all traces. In some cases, you may have to use more than one tool to detect the adware. In particularly stubborn cases, all these steps may have to immediately be followed by resetting the browser internally to its default settings, if that functionality is available. Ultimately, if the adware is more centered in the malware family, you may have to get personal assistance at a security forum like Malwarebytes, Wilders, DSLR Security, or somewhere similar in order to use the high-powered tools they recommend under guidance of one of their gurus.

  • I thinks is detected !!!!!!!!

    I have only one extension installed : Sharp Angle and seems not to have good news in web.

    How uninstall this addon ?

    Best Regards

  • I am trying now.
    I need a trustful link.
    I don't find nothing in add or remove programs (w7-64)
    I thinks seems a serious blog....
    When applying adwcleaner in the past don't detect this adware. And so on with the free version of anti-malvware free...
    Can I use hitman pro free ?¿?¿
    Trying to see how to uninstall an extension from opera browser....

  • I have inactivate the extension and reinitiate the browser.....
    How can i uninstall completely the extension with opera browser ?

    Best Regards

  • I need a trustful link to remove it. I don't trust the web, but this forum seems serious.

    Best Regards

  • Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro. Is these both useful programs for Opera to use.
    Kindly, suggest me that what these programs are and how often or how to use it?

  • I need a trustful link to remove it. I don't trust the web, but this forum seems serious.
    Best Regards

    I would suggest you download and try using a free copy of Malwarebytes to try to get it removed. If you run into problems, their malware removal "helps" forum is:

    Malwarebytes has been around for years and is extremely reputable.

  • Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro. Is these both useful programs for Opera to use.
    Kindly, suggest me that what these programs are and how often or how to use it?

    Both programs are useful, independent of whatever browser you use. These are free adware removal tools that are normally downloaded and manually run by the user to scan their system for adware or potentially unwanted program (PuP) infections. They will produce a list of the adware found on the system, if any, and will allow the user to command them to remove the adware. Even after successfully using such programs, a user is still wise to also check his desktop shortcuts for his browser(s) to make sure the adware hasn't added its own http address to the shortcut command code. In some stubborn cases, the user may also need to manually remove the adware from a browser's extension or add-in listing from within the browser.

    Adware, much like malware (viruses, etc), is constantly being changed by its makers to avoid easy removal by an infected user. So a particular anti-adware program may not always detect a certain brand or version of adware, hence the need to sometimes try more than one anti-adware program. Likewise, it's the reason the user may have to do some added manual removal or fixes, as noted above, in addition to using the anti-adware programs.