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Cannot uninstall Opera on Windows 7

  • I have installed Opera 30.0.1835.88 on a brand new installation of Windows 7 which has all the latest updates. After using Opera for a month I would like to uninstall it. But I cannot do that. "Uninstall or change a program"( read: Add or remove programs panel ) is missing the Opera entry. There are also no shortcuts or executables that would indicate a function of Opera uninstallation. Searching online, the Opera help and this website didn't provide any useful information.

    How can I uninstall Opera?

    Thank you.

  • Did you do a stand alone installing? That type of installing does not integrate with Windows, so there would be no links in the Add/Remove Programs page. If you did a stand alone installation all you need to do it delete the Opera folder.

    If you didn't do a stand alone installation you might try Revo Uninstaller and see if it can find it. If it can't find it and Opera otherwise works as intended you might be having problems with your Windows install.

  • I have installed Opera, from the official installer on the main page.

    So the only solution is to install a third-party application to remove Opera?

  • I'm about to uninstall Opera - 12.17

    Alas, enough pages don't render correctly (mostly "shiny" stuff) that I need to finally pension it off. R.I.P. Opera

  • Either you did a stand alone install, in which case you can just delete the folder, or your system is borked somehow. Without it in front of me I can't diagnose the issue. Give Revo Uninstaller a try first. If it can't find it then you probably did a stand alone install. Again though, you have a weird situation and may have larger issues that I can't diagnose.

  • You are omitting the third option, Opera is "borked". I have already addressed the rest in my previous posts.

    I'm disappointed over the lack of options.

  • Its much more likely that you have an issue with Windows. I'm a computer repair tech. When I see programs missing from the Programs and Features uninstall menu its generally because something has come along and borked Windows. The other option is someone might have used a program like CCleaner to remove the entry from the uninstall menu but that seems unlikely. If you have Opera installed and it works there is no reason it should be missing from the uninstall menu other than Windows having a problem. Either that or you did a stand alone install, in which case it wouldn't be listed there because stand alone installs do not integrate with Windows. As I said above, I can't diagnose your problem without the computer in front of me. The last thing you might try is reinstalling Opera manually and seeing if that puts the entry back in the uninstall menu.

    Either way, if its missing from the uninstall menu what other options did you expect? Something has gone wrong and you have to use another problem to fix it. Even so, I have my doubts that Revo Uninstaller will help because, as I said, its probably an issue with Windows.

  • Reinstall the Opera you have, and maybe the uninstall will reappear.