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  • Good news everyone!

    We have just updated our Opera Mini for iOS to version 10.2, and now our cool browser has a night mode — a feature that not only dims the screen, but also helps you get a better night’s sleep after late-night browsing in bed.

    In designing this feature, we wanted to deal with two obvious problems first:

    1. Reading on a bright screen in a dark environment hurts your eyes.
    2. The bright light emitted from the screen can disturb other people around you.

    But, as we continued our investigations, we found a bit of a science to support our design of the night mode, namely the fact that the blue light emitted by a glowing screen can disturb your sleep. How? Well, turns out that the human body receives a “wake up signal” through melanopsin, a protein that undergoes a chemical change when exposed to light. It is like your body is saying: ”Hey, it’s morning - time to get up!”

    By contrast, red-color tones are associated with sunset, and they try to convince your brain that it is evening and time to go to sleep. From a biochemical point of view, these tones protect melatonin, the sleeping hormone.

    To sum up — our night mode dims your screen even more than iOS does by itself, but it also offers a “Bedtime” option, which adds a subtle orange overlay on top of the browser, filtering out blue tones and enabling you to sleep more soundly.

    Give it a try and leave us some feedback!

    You can download Opera Mini from the App Store:

    Opera Mini for iOS Team

  • Thanks. Did you fix the problem where it turns off night mode when switching apps?


  • Hi jk!

    We are a bit weary of having our users get stuck in night mode, so we have some heuristics to automatically switch it off.

    But we may be experimenting a bit with making the switch-off button more visible in the UI, and then we can tone down this heuristics.

  • Thanks!


  • Embedded videos in vBulletin (one of the leading BBS packages) still don't show, whether as an embedded video, a link, or even just a frickin' asterisk. I'd love to know when there's a video there, even if I can't view it through Mini.


  • Bugs on this particular v10.2.0.93022:

    1. Opera Mini mode not working. Either via wifi or 3G. Do read reviews on itunes, there are other user having same issue.
    2. Opera Turbo mode Load Image (OFF) not working. Always loading image.
    3. Either Turbo or Off mode, it seems that tabs are reloading the pages which consuming data.

    Tested on both non-night & night mode, Mobile & Desktop off User Agent.


  • This page never loads with Opera Mini (and Turbo enabled):

    It's a site by a University institute about measuring the amount of UV-radiation entering the atmosphere...

    It loads normal and fast with any other browser, but I never managed to load it with Opera Mini on iOS.

    Can anybody confirm?

    (@devs: can you fix it with future version?)

    btw: it loads fine without any additional compression (Off), or even with Mini setting, but does not load it with Turbo turned on.

  • why dont u wanna underatand and listen to us i dont like this opera layout i need old opera layout where refresh is down i need a light veraion
    i dont need skyfire or chrome browser built in
    i cant find a copy on the internet it needs username and pass word an apple account.... help please

  • RSS please. I'll update when it's implemented again.

  • So when do we get WKWebView in Opera Mini? Password syncing? Individual cookie management?