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My Opera dosn`t start up . . .

  • Hello,

    My Opera browser does not start.
    I can see the Opera on my desktop. I click it but its just not start up.
    It worked perfectly before. I wonder what happened to it? All other, yes all other browser working perfectly than Opera.

    I uninstalled ot more than twice, and then installed it again without any success.
    Any tips pls or solution that what can I do, or what actually happened? That Opera Browser no longer starting . . .

  • What version of Opera is it? What OS are you running? Do you have any virus scanners installed? Do you have any anti-malware tools installed? Did you install anything or make any changes to your system right before Opera stopped working?

  • It is the latest version of Opera 30.

    I am using Windows 8.1 Yes I have McAfee Total Protection.

    Further, Opera works fine when I log into "Safe mode" But after that when I start my laptop as a normal then Opera does not start.

    It is very difficult for me to know that wich program is not let Opera open? I already uninstalled some programmes that may cause the problem. But still Opera not starting up . . .

  • McAfee. That is most likely the root of your problem. McAfee is not a good program and it causes more problems then it solves. Opera working in safe mode seems to back this up. Uninstall McAfee, reboot your PC, and then give Opera a try.

  • I see.
    Then kindly suggest me that wich other Ant-Virus program should I use for my laptop? That will not create problems for Opera. Because I must have a Ani-Virus program.

  • You could try this and this.

  • @lando242 & @joshl

    I want to thank you both for your support.
    Well, I just couldn`t start my Opera. Finally I delivered my laptop to the shop where I bought it.
    Because they said bring it to us. But I may have to pay for if they will sove this problem.

    Because since its not Hard Ware error, therefore I may pay to them. If they get my Opera Browser to start it up.

    Maybe I was to hurry to do that? Because I have to use Opera. Even all other browser works fine without any problem. It was only "OPERA" that stuck and didn`t worked as it should. I got suggestions that why you use Opera? Use any other browswers. But how can I tell them that, I am using Opera since many years ago.

    If they fix the problem. I hope they will tell me that what they did to get Opera start? If not then I wonder if it will happen again then what I have to do? Its a bit expensive to contact these data experts to solve the problems.

  • Finally I got it back.
    They said that it was "McAfee" that caused the problem.

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