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Will the future Opera's support NPAPI plugins??

  • Hi everyone!! I'm new to these forums!

    Ok so I looked everywhere to see if this has already been answer and it's a no. Alright, I got one thing I need to know badly, will Opera still support NPAPI plugins!??? You know considering Opera is based off chrome/chromium; blink engine maybe? Why I need to know, well because I'm a tutor/TA at a school that still uses/needs those certain plugins in order for our educational sites to function properly. Plus not to mention a lot games depend on these (Unity Web Player for example) and course lot's of gamers will be very disappointed/enraged. And if you do decide to roll with Chrome/Google's idea (deprecate NPAPI plug-ins and eventually eliminate support), could you please implement an option to enable it, for us users who need it to operate. And if you must give a WARNING pop-up for our approval to run these so called "risky plugins," as Chrome/Google plans to do for the most essential and popular plugins (Java, Silverlight, Flash Player ESR), ok then, I'll do it.

    -No harm meant and I'll appreciate any feedback, thanks! 🙂

  • After what I read about it some time ago, I'm afraid it will never be back, even with Opera Blink.

    NPAPI is an old badly designed insecure plug‑in API (from Netscape). That's the reason why.

  • As long as the PPAPI isn't more limited than the NPAPI, it's just for developers to upgrade their plugins.

    And actually I don't care so much about this, because both flash, silverlight, java, and many other plugins can now be replaced with modern web technologies html5, javascript etc.

  • Alright, so how long until NPAPI is totally cut out of Opera?? @gustavwiz, yes they can be replace, but website's that uses these technologies are going to take their time transitioning or going to have a hard time with it. Well since our educators/administrators are under pay or pay our staff not so well, we basically get the short end of the stick with anything new/different. It sucks!

  • afaik chrome plans on removing NPAPI completely by september, since opera is chromium based it would follow

  • afaik chrome plans on removing NPAPI completely by september, since opera is chromium based it would follow

    Yes, this is correct. Opera will try to keep NPAPI alive as long as it's possible, but once the code is completely removed from Chromium it'd be a lot of work to try and keep it running ourselves (if we want to keep updating our Chromium core as well).