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  • I'm having the same problem. All of my devices have Sync enabled (Android 5.0, Windows 7, Windows 10) but nothing get synchronized. I add bookmarks on one device and it never gets syncrhonized to the others... same with History.

  • Same problem. Have an Opera account for a few months now and Sync never worked. Opera respond!

  • I can't understand why Opera hasn't sorted this yet. I used to sing the praises of Opera since way back in version 8, but lately it seems to be style over function. Will this ever get fixed, or will a decade of browser loyalty be ending?

  • Also not working:

    Got PC with Win10, Tablet with Win10, and Phone with Android 4.4.4. Between first two devices the sync is working as expected, but on my phone the last date bookmarks was synced is form 25.7.2015, thats awful mistake which still wasnt solved by Opera developeres!

    Also important question, as i jumped on Opera32 (not beta) on my phone, and on my pc i was searching how the "hell" im supossed to save my bookmarks to your servers? Why is it so difficult to make it just user friendly, can you please tell me how can i save bookmarks to Your servers to be safe there and synced between my devices?

    Thanks in advance. Just concentrate on sync, this should be main priority for now for Opera, as far that is what differs you from other business competitors, so far you seem bit ahead. Once You solved this critial point, i will be happy Opera user as i am for a awfull lot years and hopefuly still will be.

  • And now, with no warning, explanation or apology, it is suddenly working. I can only hope that it doesn't stop again - I mean, how hard would it be to add a 'sync now' manual update button?

  • Sync not working.
    I confirm, the same situation lasts third day on my Opera Mini 11.0.1912.96480 - Jelly Bean 4.1.2.
    Disconnection takes place almost in the blink of an eye after logging and this situation repeats itself with no synchronization with Opera for Android 30.0.1856.95530, no bookmarks, no speed dial.
    At some point when the browser displays the status of log on and log off for synchronization in the same period, ,
    this resembles a phenomenon of Schrödinger's cat from the quantum physics.
    It's weird when it happens on the Opera field.

  • To everyone with not working synchronization:

    Please sign-in on Desktop browser and after that open browser://sync-internals and either paste here screenshot of it or its dump - there is "Dump status" button at the top.

  • Cannot paste dump status. Forum does not allow that many characters.

    I haven't been able to log into Sync. The functionality it has seems fine to me when it does work.

  • @darkmagess: from your dump status I see synchronization is not even initialized. What do you mean exactly by "I haven't been able to log into Sync"? You get server errors, information about invalid credentials or something else?

  • Can this have to do with Android version? Opera used to sync between my 2 Android phones. Suddenly probably a week ago it stopped working. Tried to delete cache; sign out and sign in again, not working.

  • does Sync work over extensions? are extensions syncronized?

  • does Sync work over extensions? are extensions syncronized?


  • Can this have to do with Android version? Opera used to sync between my 2 Android phones. Suddenly probably a week ago it stopped working. Tried to delete cache; sign out and sign in again, not working.

    Sync works now after I repeated the signin in both phones.

  • So.. a clean Opera V32.0.1948.69 install on Win10 x86. Manual copy of a small test bookmark file - around 500 bookmarks, most of them in the bookmarks bar, organized into folders, subfolders and precise manual ordering. With a new clean account for syncing and a few - actually 4 tabs - open.

    After logging in, and being offered with a choose what to sync button, clicking on it informs me of some kind of network error. Ha, that was quick. Like a brown fox. Anyway, after a few retries of accepting login but immediate network error the sync options present them self. Deselecting history and passwords I proceed gingerly.

    With syncing onto server complete I open my opera sync web page. It didn't take long to notice that I actually had 26 tabs synced. From a single sync node with only 4 tabs open. The more the merrier..

    No matter, both of these were just small critters. The big one was just around the corner. Clicking on the gargantuan bookmarks button I was in for a surprise.

    The bookmarks were resorted. The folders were resorted. The empty links with a dash in them used as MacGyver separators were resorted. It was a unintelligible mess. Totally unusable. Wasting additional time trying to sync this was not an option.

    Clicking the delete sync data button provides some relief. Time to forget that sync even exists in Opera. I shudder to think what would happen with even more bookmarks and the duplication problems everybody is experiencing. Maybe, maybe I was just lucky to be stopped so early.

    But this didn't just stop me in my tracks, it actually broke the track. My best guess.. try, try again when we hit version 100. Real soon now.

    Thanks for reading.

  • I posted this under the Android section too, as I suspect the duplication bug exists in the Opera for Android code. shows that I have 15 bookmarks.

    opera://sync-internals/ on my desktop shows that I have 2866 bookmarks, and 25,040 bookmarks in total! Those were all from Opera on Android which have duplicated my bookmarks ten-fold, and it was all uploaded yesterday and then loaded onto my desktop browser.

    I manually cleaned up the bookmarks on my desktop, but from what I can tell Opera on my desktop is no longer able to upload these cleaned bookmarks to the server!

    Status from Last Completed Session
    Sync Source: NOTIFICATION
    GetKey Step Result: UNSET
    Download Step Result: SYNCER_OK
    Commit Step Result: SERVER_RETURN_CONFLICT

    There is absolutely no communication from Opera about whether or not they are working to fix this. So, is anything happening to fix sync??

    And can we please get some regular communications regarding the status of sync? A link on the front page which shows a 'Opera Sync Status' or something? That would be great.

  • @knjers, @torehavn I'll contact with you off-list to debug your problems.

  • Thanks for the personal touch, but currently I seem not to have a specific issue with a bug in Opera and don't see the point discussing off the public forum.

    My main issue, before even hitting the bookmark duplication bug which is all over the boards, is not a bug, rather a feature. And those are much harder to squash. Other two issues that I mentioned can be attributed to simple growing pains.

    The question is.. why did someone at Opera browser development intentionally decide that for the new Opera sync - and in complete opposite to Opera link - alphabetically sorting bookmarks on import is a good idea?

    Without it being an option. When the sorting on the exporting node is far from alphabetically sorted. Knowing that the sort order from the bookmarks json file is fully respected on the bookmarks bar when running Opera.

    It just doesn't make sense. And yet, it is done on purpose.

    With the risk of repeating myself, why?

    Moving on.. I do know from years of IT that sync is a complex problem to solve, especially between more than 2 nodes. Yet, isn't that the reason Chrome devs started using a GUID for each bookmark in the json bookmark file?

  • What do you mean by alphabetically sorting bookmarks on import? What do you understand by import here?

  • What do you mean by alphabetically sorting bookmarks on import? What do you understand by import here?

    After turning on sync, logging into, and clicking on the Bookmarks button the list of bookmarks appears. That list does not have the same order as bookmarks on the bookmarks bar.

  • This is something wasn't implemented for the first release of WebClient but we've already patch for it. If everything will be fine then will be released today or tomorrow. Will put confirmation here.