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Can't sign in to Opera account on Android app: "Temporary server error. Please try again later."

  • I seam to have better luck with Opera mini(28.0.2254.119213).
    The sync feature seams to work on Opera mini with the LG G2 and Galaxy Tab S at least.
    Minis sync didn't work with the Galaxy Tab. I have not tried the other devices yet.

  • WTF, can't believe it's the end of August 2017 and still no answer because they can't find the problem?
    Hey Opera staff, we're here, our problem is that we can't sign in to our opera on our Android devices, is it so hard to see the problem? Take a phone or 100 of them and try to sign in with different accounts, it's not that hard!
    Seems like after every update Opera looses one by one the functions that I like since November last year. It's not stable anymore when I open 100 tabs from the bookmarks, on android, youtube doesn't run on background anymore, crashes every now and then on both devices, freezes.
    Dudes, bring back the last year opera and stop there, don't update until Opera doesn't have a qualified team o developers, fire the young infants that can't solve some simple codes!

  • I experienced this too. I installed Opera in my windows laptop and android phone and I couldn't log in from my phone. I wanted to try out Opera. I just uninstalled it and went back to my previous browser.

  • I can't believe this is a problem that is still running after all those years! I too run in to this and have no way to sync between my mobile and desktop, therefore, due to lack of fixing, I will change browser.

  • Using an IPad 4 and Opera mini and I can't seem to sign in, while I can sign in with my android phone. The message it shows is "connection error. Can't sync data. Try again later". What to do?

  • What to do?

    Read the forums rules would be a good start.

    Take special attention to numbers 1 and 2.

  • I hate to add another similar reply to this thread, but I am also having the same issue, unable to log in to my Opera account. I'm using a fairly new, top-shelf android mobile phone - the Vivo Xplay5S. I just recently switched from Firefox and downloaded Opera for Android - version 47.7 something, if that helps. Fyi, I am in China, which I thought might be the problem, but based on the other comments above, maybe not. Anyway, logging in is not a deal breaker since the Opera browser is otherwise wonderful in every way. Fast, great design and page rendering, fast video, everything you'd want in a mobile browser. So, thank you for offering this great browser for free - and good luck to you with this little bug! I am confident you can solve it.

  • The "Can't sign in, Temporary server error" has been fixed & now I can login through opera browser on android.
    But here's the problem, although the browser is signed in, it doesn't sync anything with my other devices signed in to that account. I can't access their tabs, bookmarks etc. Also, on my Windows PC, under Bookmarks > Other Speed dials, the android device is not listed. So this implies that Opera fixed the sync sign in error superficially. Its a fake "Successful Sign-in". The Sync service just doesn't work AT ALL.
    Tried reinstalling the app/logging out & logging back in. DOESN'T WORK.

    Phone: Moto G4 Play (Android 6.0.1)
    Opera Browser v42.7.2246.114996

    Pls resolve this problem at the earliest.

  • But here's the problem, although the browser is signed in, it doesn't sync anything with my other devices signed in to that account

    It belongs to another topic.

  • re: 3 posts up from this one:

    Some good news to report, possibly helpful to others who are having difficulty logging in. First, some background: I live in China, behind the 'great firewall', so Google websites are all blocked. Now the good news: Using a VPN, I went to Playstore and downloaded the latest version of Opera for Android, version 4.3, not the Beta, fyi. I was then able to successfully log in to Opera AND sync my bookmarks by using the Google log in option. In other words, problem solved. Not sure if that helps anyone, but if you're having problems logging in to Opera, try logging in through Google. For whatever reason, it worked.

  • I found a workaround. Find an old device that has opera installed and you are still signed in to to. Make a backup of the app and its data with an app like Titanium backup. And then go to your newer device and restore the app and its data there. Now you have an opera install that is signed in to your opera account. 😃 Good luck!

  • I spoke too soon. It isn't actually syncing. Sorry!

  • Actually it is syncing. You just cant be using the two devices at the same time. Only one of them has working syncing when doing it this way. I'm guessing I copied over some identifier that needs to be unique. But At least I figured out it's possible to sign in and that it's not a "server error".

    My guess is that the opera app generates a identifier for the device and sends it to the server when signing in through the app. On newer android versions that identifier doesn't look like the server expects it to and the server just throws back a generic error message.

    Of-course if you log one device out you log them both out. 😃

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