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  • For some time I have experienced that Opera seems to "fall aslep" for a short time then continues as before. Normaly no input is lost but sometimes keyboard input (af few characters) seems to be lost. This is especially irritating when keying data into a form field, but changing "tab" may also be delayed. Watching video and animated GIFs also freeze for a few seconds. Interestingly sound is never impaired.

    No other programs suffer and my pc does not seem to be burdened with heavy programs. Right now I have 4 GB free ram and the cpu is at less than 30%. But Opera falls asleep. The disk does not appear overloaded either.

    I do not know for sure when this began but it is probably within the last few months.

  • Open your Opera profile folder (you can find the location in About Opera) and find the three files that begin with the word session. Delete these files and see if that helps. Be warned that they store the tabs that you had open when you closed the browser so that they reopen when you have 'continue where I left off' selected. Deleting them cleans that. Did that help?

  • You could try disabling all of your extensions, and see if that makes a difference. If not, maybe there's a plugin that's a problem. You can see your plug-ins, and try disabling some to test if that makes a difference at: opera://plugins/

    Delete your browsing history, cache . . .

    You ought to also check your browser for malware and spyware, as maybe there's something infecting Opera on your computer.

    Opera is a chromium browser, so related to Chrome. Here's a discussion of dealing with that issue for Chrome, with similar suggestions.

    Best of luck.

  • Virusscan shows nothing.
    There are no extensions.
    There were many plugins, I have disabeled half of them. Then let's see what happens, before I erase the sessions.

  • I'd be interested to hear how you make out. Started experiencing this today.

  • There has not been a definitive improvement. So I guess I have to delete all sessions now. This reminds me of an old advise for running a computer: Do not install anything on it.

  • That is not to bad. All open tabs are gone but Opera still remembers logins.

  • Yeah, thats all those session files are for; storing open tabs when you exit. It doesn't delete you history or logins or anything like that.

  • It works fine. Thanks.