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  • when i try to import it asks for the location of the accounts.ini file, which is hidden in the directory and I cannot choose it.

  • when i try to import it asks for the location of the accounts.ini file, which is hidden in the directory and I cannot choose it.

    You need to set up your Windows to show hidden files and folders.

  • When I install opera mail, and select option and set it for the opera browser location,
    then select opera browser as the method
    it takes a LONG time loading, but only shows the 66 messages.

    the messages are there!
    there must be some way to see them


  • Have you tried the "import from generic mbox file" option?

  • thats next. i am going carefully. if there are any detailed instructions ...

  • if there are any detailed instructions ...

    Find the store folder under Opera's mail folder and copy its content to somewhere else. Then go to Menu > Settings > Import and Export > Import Mail > Import Generic mbox > Add folder and select the folder where the mbs files are.

  • i just did that. the same thing happened. it loaded and "processed" all the files, then NOTHING shows up.

  • I know this is an obvious question but sometimes people overlook things. The mails aren't sitting in a different folder or something are they? Like the trash or something? When databases don't close properly you can sometimes have things end up in funny places.

  • OK. I found them. they are all in received, but the email count on received is "1", yet there are 70,000!
    i notice that when I label them, there is no indication of the number of emails in the label. is this a "feature"

  • is this a "feature"

    No, this is what happens when systems fail. This can happen with any program that doesn't close down tidily. The database didn't close properly, became currupted and you didn't have a backup. So now you have to deal with a garbled database. If these emails are important to you then you should put in place a backup schema, preferably one with multiple saved iterations, and protect yourself from these kinds of problems in the future.

  • To repair the mail folder, export your contacts list and your feeds list (if you have any feeds). Then, close down Opera and rename the "mail" folder. Then, start Opera and set up all your accounts fresh.

    Then, for each POP account that you just set up, goto "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> import mail -> import generic mbox -> add folder" and import into the existing POP account. You'll want to point it to the store/accountN folder in the "mail" folder where N is the number for the account (look for the email address tied to the account) as seen in accounts.ini in that mail folder. In most cases, you'd import from the "mail" folder you just renamed. But, if you know that mail folder doesn't have all your messages, import from a "mail" folder that does.

    Once you import the messages, for any duplicates in the POP accounts you have, delete the imported copies and keep the unread, newly-fetched copies from the server (which you can then mark as read).

    Then you can import your contacts and feeds.

    You also have to recreate your Opera labels if you want them back. And, for any messages that were manually added to those labels, you'll have to add them back again.

    Note that for newsgroup accounts, you won't be able to restore already-fetched messages that are no longer on the server. Likewise, for feeds, you won't be able to restore already-fetched feed messages that are no longer on the feed page.

    Also note that you won't be able to restore drafts as drafts. Drafts for all accounts are mixed together in the store/drafts folder. You can import them to a new account or existing account though if you want. Or, you can import each mbs file into the proper account, but that will involve examining the mbs files. Not sure you'll be able to restore the cached attachment files though.