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Eats battery by using dedicated graphics card

  • Once Opera has switched my Mac Book Pro to using the dedicated graphics card it clings on to it and refuses to switch back to using the less power hungry integrated graphics card; even after closing the tabs that caused it to switch to using the dedicated graphics card (i.e. youtube).

    The only way to get it to release its hold on the dedicated graphics card is to quit and reload which is a pain. Anyone else noticed this?

  • This is a known problem for Opera, and something we can unfortunately do very little about. We do signify to the system that we are done with the discrete graphics card whenever you close web sites that are using them, but Apple doesn't allow processes to switch back to the internal graphics card unless that program is on a hard-coded whitelist deep in OS X.

    We've tried to contact Apple several times to get Opera on that whitelist (after all, Chrome is on the whitelist, and they do exactly the same as us), but Apple's stance is that they don't want to expand the whitelist 😞

  • Not a fix really, but works for me...

    An App called gfxCardStatus... Shows up in the menu bar....

    Allows manual control over the auto switching to the discrete graphics card. I set mine in the "Integrated Only" after booting, and Opera will not switch.

    Easy enough to switch back if you need the graphics performance...


  • Is there a way you can put an option in the Opera settings to disable discrete graphics switching? I hardly ever use web sites with high-performance-graphics requirements, except perhaps when visiting one that has a video ad or something that triggers Opera to switch.