@ugcheleuce said in Opera start page: User configurable web site instead of speed dial: @leocg No, I remember quite clearly that until my recent re-installation, whenever I opened a new tab, the FVD speed dial was displayed. That's the case if you're using Opera Developer (v59). Opera blocks FVD Speed Dial's new tab behavior on purpose so that it can't override Opera's speed dial page that has ads/promotions on it. Opera also removed the extension from the addon site. You're basically SOL now. If you have the nex file (which you can find at web.archive.org), you can still install the extension by dragging the file into Opera. The new tab behavior will still work fine in Opera Stable (57) and Opera Beta (58). But from 59 onward, the new tab behavior won't work. You'll still be able to make FVD Speed Dial load up at startup though by setting Opera to open this specific page chrome-extension://pncpfofkienlinhfknpmgjnjhdoclfhh/newtab.html. Note though that the real FVD Speed Dial is the Chrome version and that's never worked right in Opera as Opera already blocked its behavior. The Opera version was just to work around Opera's blocking of it. However, I think this thread is about something different and @sgunhouse answered the OP's question correctly.