@leocg Interesting. I would say they just as annoying and do get in between you and the web page. The example there shows a smaller one. Others are not too much bigger, but are still an annoyance, especially when other browsers can be set to not allow them. I hope that this choice can be added to Opera in the future. Browsing doesn't get much better, in my opinion, than on the under recognized Opera browser. It may be things like this that have banking sites and such that suggest, upon loading their sites, to download Chrome, or Firefox. Maybe they view the browser as too easy to manipulate, along with their obvious Fanboy behavior towards these other browsers. There is always room for competition and one of the reasons I use Opera and Vivaldi. Both do a great job at providing a good user experience. But... I lean towards Opera for my everyday more mundane uses and some safer exploring. I hope you can widen the field, so to speak.
In any event thanks for a great Browser.