Re: Unable to delete search box history

Sorry to raise what may be an old 'wound' but this subject is gotten to me now.
It spoiled my wife's 50th birthday surprise party.
I can't remove old searches and , of course, despite my best efforts and trying all the remedies suggested on previous threads, suggestions still appear in the search box the moment 1 or 2 characters are typed.
I've been a fan of Opera for probably 7 or 8 years now, but now it seems the developers have gotten greedy.
It's obvious why they have removed the ability of the end user to totally remove their browsing habit.
well, they've lost my entire family now, we're all removing Opera totally from Our various machines.
Greed pays in the end I guess, but not for the end user.
Farewell Developers, thanks for ignoring the numerous requests from your loyal users to add a very simple and genuine security, but none profit generating, tool for their safety and comfort.
Take a good hard look at yourselves, you've became horrible.