Dude, are you really running Opera on the screenshot? As far as i know the latest version of Magic Actions for You Tube is You have (latest ver. for Chrome). How did you do this?

I'm using https://addons.opera.com/pl/extensions/details/download-chrome-extension-9/?display=en>

Try with:
Find your install path in
Use Win+R / %AppData% to find the folder on Win (Supossing you are on Windows)
Copy Bookmarks file
Open file with Notepad or JSon Editor
Search for: "speedDial" :
Inside in, search for FaceBook entry
Delete the data between { },
Save it without extension
Try to Open Opera with the file modified
May needed to disconnect

Thanks! This helped me a lot! I will never guess that speed dial is stored in bookmark file. One thing I had to do before editing this file is to reset all syncronized data on my opera sync account and log off. When I was logged fix worked only for few minutes, this extension still was on my account and it overwrites my Bookmark file(probably becaouse of incorrect checksum on the beginning of the file).