FireFox 64bit for desktop pops up a Horz scroll bar if you zoom past the Horz edge of the screen, on most sites. It doesn't just stop zooming. I also ran across a new browser called Vivaldi, former Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner, and a bunch of other devs that left when Opera went Chromium, started it. The 64bit is still a beta, the 32bit's are like Ver 1.x. But it looks really promising, their stated goal is to bring back a fully configurable browser for "the power user". Never thought of myself as a power user. From what I've read they are pushing the requested enhancements to the top of the list. I downloaded the 64 bit and played with it a little, looks really promising. Gonna take a bit to get it the way I want it, worth the effort. I think they plan on implementing the old right click on a site to bring up cookie rules on a site by site basis, overriding what ever global settings you might have. That tells me they are pretty security conscious. Near as I can tell the newer Opera's are nothing but Google Chrome with a different skin, and prob a bit less spy ware. Guess I'll be using FireFox and Vivaldi.