Nor do some of us understand your inability to stick with Opera 12.17. You asked a question, several times over the months, and received more or less the same answer. I fail to see what the problem is. Stick with Opera 12.17 since you personally believe that this is the best Opera browser. Why beat a dead horse in this thread? You say that you do not understand why Opera is self-destructing. It isn't. It may be in your eyes, but facts speak otherwise. You wonder aloud why it is. My suggestion is to educate yourself. Go over to the Opera blogs and read why Opera made this change as well as what the direction of the company is. There is no better way to understand what is going on than to go to the source. Asking here will only give you conflicting views and bring out defensive postures on BOTH sides of the issue.

Moderator: isn't it time to close this thread? Hasn't it served its purpose by now?