Oops! Looks like Firefox will be going this way at the end of June. See:

My Firefox is at version 38.0.5, and I can still connect to Freephoneline.ca site normally. But I still cannot connect with Opera.
Opera is trying to be a nanny-browser when no one asks it to. Logjam is not an easy exploit to, well, exploit, and it's not like I'm trying to connect to a compromised banking site. With this enforcement policy, Opera found a way to drive its single-digit market share even lower.
Every good security policy states that at the end of the day security should be in the hands of customers. The product must provide all the tools to enable "perfect" security and flag all known issues, but it must be up to the end user to make the ultimate decision whether to take a perceived risk.

I have no problem connecting freephone.ca using the latest stable version of Opera (33)looks like they may have fixed the problem