What i don't understand is that why does everyone act like it's Presto or Opera ASA's fault for the incompatibility. From what i gather Presto was the closest to following standards and everyone else was busy developing for Webkit and Gecko and stop following standards and thus couldn't work well with Presto. In my honest opinion Opera ASA should have just kept Presto and work on patches for all those dumb ass developers who don't understand how to follow standards. People are saying Opera switched to WebKit for compatibility and so that they don't need to spend a whole lot of time developing an engine, which I don't understand. Most browser makers now are trying to be like Chrome and adopt a rapid development Cycle which I don't understand because it's not like their user base were complaining that they didn't get an update this week, last week, or the week before in honestly I think they were all just envious and wanted to be like Chrome and say they were constantly working on their browser which is stupid because you can't scale to a company like Google which probably has it's own department for Chrome development. So if we as the user base weren't complaining and were fine with having the good stable version of Opera and waiting until the next version was released. I think this whole being envious thing was gotten to far because I understand the point of Opera Next but really I never understood the whole Opera Developer Stream and although I can see it's use scenario it' still redundant and pointless