This makes me very sad. I have been considering a switch to Opera because I am sick and tired of Mozilla making random, unhelpful changes to Firefox and not listening to the community. Firefox decided to hide the "http" in an address, so we had to go in and manually turn that back on. Then they decided nobody would REALLY want to turn of javascript on a page, so they removed that option from the Options page; you have to search the about:config just to turn off javascript. Now they're doing a radical redesign of their UI so that basically if I want firefox, I'll be forced to use a mobile browser on my desktop (big, touch-friendly button menu instead of sensible, mouse-friendly menu that actually has useful options.) I thought Opera, as one of the smaller players, would be a bit more sensible about things. Now I find out a feature I consider one of the most basic and vital to a browser (an address bar) was working in version 12, but has been deliberately broken ever since and will only be fixed in version 21. You're really not making me feel good about this switch.