I am a user that is involved in alot of online activities between business, personal, and social. My internet usage is probably considered extreme and a feature rich browser is a must. I gave Opera a try several years ago but a few years ago I gave v.12.xx a try. I learned alot about using a browser and although most people will not modify and make use of many of the settings and features, I found ways to make use of these things in v.12.xx. I was thoroughly disappointed when I heard about the decision to abandon Presto but I also understood some of the reasoning behind it. Most of the original members of Opera, including the owner, were no longer there. The original owner sold all his shares in the company and most of the development team was new, based on what I read.

Anyway, I was always clueless why such a good Opera browser would be abandoned in order to pave the way for what is now being called "Opera". People want a good browser that has the tools to make life online more convenient, simple, and fast. Many users are not very literate and the most simplistic of browsers can do the job for them. I never realized just how powerful Opera 12.17 was until I started to dig deep into the settings. There is no turning back once you become dependent on a specific function or feature. You either have to release better version, or you are taking a step backwards. And I depend on, and need, some of the functionality of Opera 12.17.

So the original post in this thread was a pretty good way to see just how many people might still need to find ways to get that functionality in a different browser that is still being supported. I want to continue using Opera 12.17 but since the latest update is said to be final, it is not really in anyone's best interest to remain attached to 12.17. I do not mean it is not worth using. It still is very useful. But maybe we have to admit defeat and make provisions to ensure we have options. And thank you, by the way, to anyone who posted some of the viable options that can give us some of that Old Opera vibe, but in other browsers. I am using a program in FireFox called SimpleFill. It gives back that option in the context menu when you right click and select personal in Opera 12.17. If that helps anyone, great. It's all I have so far. Although I did like the options mentioned regarding Mail in SeaMonkey. I too use Opera Mail but would welcome any options offering a better solution.

I try to understand everyone's feeling. One guy insists Opera's new version does not deserve to be criticized. If we did not become familiar with how great and powerful Opera 12.17 was, then we would not have anything to compare to, and the new Opera would not get so much flack. But the way Opera was just abandoned, without much, if any, support, is pretty arrogant. Me and alot of other people were posting questions and looking for answers in the old forums all the way until the day they closed. The type of responses we got from Opera were nothing short of arrogant and I remember one answer from Opera to the question about support for all of the notes, bookmarks, and data that was all being held captive in v.12.16. The answer was to embrace change and to stop whining and enter the information manually and/or cut an paste. In other words, do what you have to do because Opera had no intention of making it easy for any of us. Arrogance. And I won't ever respect that.

Well, if that's all you need for your daily use, it's fine. But being critical of anyone for offering solutions to others to help bring back those features we depended on in early Opera sounds like someone who is trying to get people to see New Opera in a different light. Well, forget it. It won't happen any time soon. It's like that crap with Windows 8. Maybe there was a chance the world would embrace it but as soon as everyone saw the start menu was gone and many things within the user interface changed, it did not go over well. And people made it clear how they felt. As they should. We are the ones who are supporting you while you provide us with the tools to manage our lives day in and day out. If you expect continues support, then provide something that will make it better, and not worst. Stop trying to force feed us something we don't like while trying to convince us it tastes good.
Look what happened with the major update to Windows 8. They returned the start menu in 8.1 and to date, there are several companies that have gone to great lengths to provide 3rd party programs for a powerful start menu within Windows 8. We have to voice our opinions. But, in the case of Opera 12.xx vs New Opera, there are no opinions when someone tells you the new Opera is not able to fulfill the needs as well as the old Opera. That seems more fact than opinion. Because what I like is not just an opinion. It's a fact that the old Opera made my workload easier and in this day and age, the hardware is plenty fast so I do not care about milliseconds difference on page loads. So Chromium has very little to brag about. And it is a fact that my workload is hampered when using the new Opera and I have more manual input as a result of not having features that were abandoned.
We all should admit that the new Opera has very efficient functionality. It's simple, yet effective. But far from earning the right to be considered an "UPGRADE" to 12.17. It's a different animal. It should not even be compared to 12.17. It's like comparing A hyundai to Cadillac GTS. Both will take there but the Cadillac (Opera 12.xx) can do so in style and with much more luxury because of so many great features