Extensions fit into a browser; browsers don't fit into extensions. When or if a browser design changes, a few extensions may no longer work for various reasons. It's up to the extension developer to resolve that issue, perhaps with some help or information from the browser developer, but the ball is in the extension developer's court to get things working again. This breakage problem happens all the time with other browsers and their extensions, and frankly, it's one of the major reasons I don't like the extension approach to browser design - it complicates the responsibility for 'making things work' with regard to certain features that some users rely upon. But, for design/test cost reasons, it's the way browsers are increasingly crafted these days, so my opinions aren't worth much. In any case, the net result is that if you've become truly dependent on a feature whose extension breaks and doesn't seem to get resolved by its developers, either you'll have to change your browsing habits or migrate to a different browser in which the feature can be made to work.