@onatic said in [Duplicated]OperaGX Windows Repeatedly opens then crashes after I synced:

Sync still breaks it though unfortunately : - (

Close Opera if it's open.

Hit Windows key + r to open the run dialog, type:

explorer "%AppData%\Opera Software"

, and press enter.

Right-click on the "Opera GX Stable" folder, choose "copy", right-click on a blank spot in the "Opera Software" folder, and choose "paste" so that you get a copy of the folder named "Opera GX Stable - Copy", which will be your backup.

Then, in the "Opera GX Stable" folder, there's a "Sync Data" folder. If you delete the "Sync Data" folder (while Opera is closed), it should log you out of Sync and allow you to start all over with Sync for that Opera profile.

However, if there's a problem with your data on the Sync server that just causes Opera to crash again when you sync, you'll need to delete the "Sync Data" folder again and also goto https://www.sync.opera.com/ (in another browser would be fine) and reset your passphrase to wipe out all your data on the Sync server. Then, you should be able to log back into Sync in Opera and hopefully everything will work, and hopefully it'll upload your Opera data from that Opera back to the server.

If you still have a problem though, you'll need to reset your passphrase again at https://www.sync.opera.com/ and delete the "Opera GX Stable" folder so that Opera starts with a completely fresh profile. Then syncing should work fine.