And anyway, Pressing CTRL+T and CTRL+V does not perform a 'Paste and go'
Who said it should perform Paste & Go? lol
But the original poster did not perform what you did above (from what they wrote), They said (from what they wrote) it happens "that often if openng a TAB and quickly doing CTRL+V of an url then opera is doing the mistake to add the text "About:Blank"". As-in, they were not bashing the keys (CTRL+T and CTRL+V) repeatedly. It's like me bashing the power button on my PC repeatedly and wondering why it crashes or fails to boot.
Ctrl+T+V+T+V+T+V+T+V+T+V is a way to simulate the problem caused by "quickly pasting after opening a new tab" more easily.

Eh!, what!!!.