Hi, Sorry for late response. But this issue stopped for one day and has cropped up again. Issue is applicable for all websites, when I try to download anything few e.g.s, below: http://gmail.google.com https://onedrive.live.com/?gologin=1&mkt=en-US And I have not installed any extensions. There is no error message when a download is triggered, nothing happens, and I don't see anything happening in the Downloads tab. Steps to reproduce : Click on any attachments that come via gmail. Opera should consider providing a 'Downgrade' option to the previous version similar to the 'Update' option if there is no immediate viable solution for such one off cases/issues. And prevent the user from going through to find the setup file and reinstalling from scratch. I have been using Opera for 8+ years now and this is the first time I'm having such an annoying issue. Regards, Sanjay K.M.