@joes1340 While it isn't a "one-click" solution, it also isn't very difficult. (Assuming you don't have 100 tabs open.) Just click the bookmark "heart" on the 1st tab that you want to bookmark. Select "Speed Dial". Beside it will be a small folder icon with a plus sign in it. Click that, and create your new folder with whatever name you want, then click "Done". Then switch to each tab, click its heart, and select done. They should all now be in that speed-dial folder.

Wait a sec . . . it might be "one-click" after all. I just noticed: If I go to the very top title bar, and right-click, I get a menu item of "Save all tabs as Speed Dial folder." It will be called "Folder". Click the "three dots" menu on the Speed Dial folder and hit "Edit" to call it anything you want. So, two clicks.