Newstimes is a browser hijacker that usually gets installed as a bundled program riding along with a user-sought freeware program that was downloaded from some general freeware site. Depending on the variant that was installed on your system, there are a variety of Newstimes infection modes that it may have used. What is striking from your report is that you seemed to indicate that the hijacker spontaneously is activating your browser at times - that implies an always-running hijacker background service on the system and/or a hijacker entry in the OS's Task Scheduler. While these are certainly possible with a program that has been given installation permissions, they can make it more difficult to fully remove it.

It's possible that there are also other areas of infection (eg: the hijacker existing as a browser extension, a hijacker URL attached to the browser desktop/taskbar shortcut command, a hijacked browser home page setting, and so on). Any and all infection modes need to be killed off to prevent one surviving mode from re-establishing the other modes, particularly in the cases of a running hijacker service and a hijacker Task Scheduler entry.

What specific names of anti-malware and antivirus tools have you used thus far? Have you tried Malwarebytes, AdwCleaner, or Hitman Pro?