If you're using "Menu -> Mail -> read mail", it specifically opens "Unread". It's possible to edit the "read mail" item's command to open a different view though. However, if you use F4 or the toggle strip at the left of the screen (if enabled), the view that's selected will be the last-selected view. In other words, if you select "Inbox" for an account before you close Opera, that one will be still be selected when Opera starts back up. You should really get to mail via the panel list like this. If you really want "read mail" to go to a certain view, you can goto "Alt + p -> advanced -> toolbars" and duplicate the current menu (but don't select it yet). Then, goto the "menu" folder in the preferences folder (see help -> about Opera for the location) and edit the ini file. There you'll see: [Browser Mail Menu] Item, M_INDEX_ITEM_POPUP_MENU_READ="Read mail, 1,,, "Read mail icon"" You'll want to change the 1 to the number for the view you want to open. Then you can go back in preferences and select the new menu.