Nah. But aren't any devs looking at these discussions?

Not really. They do read the suggestion box and the comments in each release announcement. You're much more likely to catch their ear in those places. This is mostly for user support.

but wouldn't you like your program to be the best?

Well, in all honesty the last major feature I used from the old Opera that was lacking implementation in the new one is the bookmarking system. They added that a few versions back. Once they had some of the bugs tamped down and included an imported I made the switch permanently. It lacks polish but its workable and improving steadily. Everything else that I find missing is either on its way or supported via extensions. In the latter case its often better than what Opera 12 had. Sessions and Adblock for example.

People tend to rant and rage on here about whatever pet features they liked that is missing or changed. I hated the sidebar, hated mouse gestures (disabled them both), never used notes, never used email, never used MyOpera, only used IRC a half dozen times, didn't miss voice when it was dropped, etc. The only things I find lacking these days is the search engine system, image handling, keyboard shortcuts and bookmarks. They need polish but they work well enough and aren't that big a deal to me. I find it much more important that my web pages render properly and that the browser performs wells. Both features which the new Opera is superior at over the old Opera.