I found a solution, like in the old good Opera.

Its name is the new Vivaldi browser with which you can do any shortcuts name for each of your bookmarks.

For example, to go to Facebook, bookmark your Facebook page, and ask for a shortcut name (for example "fb"). If you want to go back to this page later, no need to go through many cascading menus and find its icon and click on it with your mouse: Open a new tab, and type "fb" into URL address bar. That's it, you're in your Facebook page.

Every Chrome native extensions runs on Vivaldi.

You can import your Opera 12, and Opera 15+ bookmarks, Speed Dial and passwords in one click.

I just closed Opera, imported everything into Vivaldi (even history).

Opera is uninstalled now, what I used for 16 years.

Just for some shortcuts names who save me a ton of time every day.