Okay, for those guys who actually had this question "WHERE THE HECK IS THE QAB EVERYBODY IS TALKING ABOUT?!!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!!!" ...same as I did.

I'm using Opera 19, so yours might be a bit different.

1. Click "Opera', you know that small tab at the top left corner of the browser.
2. Click "Settings".
3. Click "Browser".
4. Look a bit to the right. Scroll down till you see "User Interface".
5.Check the "Show The Bookmark Bar"
6. Exit your Opera browser then restart. If you don't understand, it means "turn off your browser" then "turn it on again"
7. You would see something quite annoying on top of the browser "For quick access, add your bookmarks to this bar"

That's your bookmark bar. If you hate it, go back to Chrome (or your previous browsers). If you think you might like it, stay and play.

If you still need help for other things concerning the bookmark, reply or "Quote" to my comment and I'll try to source a simple solution for you. No promises tho. I'm an accountant not a programmer. :left: