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Struggling to understand speeddial sync

  • Just installed opera on linux to try it. Imported bookmarks from ff and set up speeddial. Reboot into windows, install opera, login to sync.

    Speeddial is back to default. I see there is an 'other speed dials' entry in the left hand menu that has my linux speed dial. I just want to have one speed dial set up on both installs? What is the point of synchronisation that creates a separate speed dial set up for each install?

    Also I deleted the default folders created by Opera in bookmarks on the original linux install. After sync in windows it seems they have been recreated?

  • Exactly. Opera decided that creating accessible copies of our Speed Dials would be smart instead of synchronizing like synchronization is supposed to be.

    I created this topic to try to convince them some people don't want that.

  • Personally I don't want to sync speed dials but I can understand people who do. If there could be an option to choose what you want to sync, I'm sure this would suit all. At the moment it see it's either sync or no sync.

  • What is he point of having synchronization if it doesn't sync speed dial? If It doesn't think everything, then I don't want it.

  • That's because many want to separate their home and work speed dials. At the same time, many also want to have the same speed dial at some places. For example work speed dial on work computer, and home speed dial on home laptop and home desktop. That's why we want Opera to let the user be able to choose. If you also want it that way, make a "+1" or something here:

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